Create along with me: Doodle Cute Monsters

Get ready, grab your pencils, and let’s doodle some (not scary at all) monsters! They’re going to be very kawaii (cute in Japanese), and not scary at all, I promise.

It’s our first lesson in the new series Create along with iHanna, I hope you like it.

Learning something new by creating along with someone on YouTube

To “doodle along” is calming and fun to me, so it’s one thing I do from time to time to find new creative energy and learn new figures, patterns or just copy someone else’s style.

So today let’s visit YouTube together and learn how to doodle some cute monsters, shall we?

Learning something new

I’ve always “copied” others style. When I was in my teen I often copied Disney characters and made watercolor paintings of them, just for fun. I always start with a pencil, so I can losly copy the figure I want to draw and then erase lines if I make a mistake. Then I go in with a black, waterproof marker and fill in the lines as I want them in the finished drawing. Then I color it in, if that’s the look I’m going for.

For the cute pandas that fills a whole page in my sketchbook, I found a tutorial on YouTube that was appropriately called “draw-along”, but it’s been removed since I created this page, so we’ll use anther one by the same artist.

Learning something new by drawing along on YouTube #doodles
Doodle along page of pandas by iHanna

Create along with me: 30 Doodle Monsters

So let’s get started. Today’s teacher is Zainab Khan, known as PicCandle on YouTube. It’s too bad I couldn’t find the panda tutorial, but let’s doodle some monsters along Zainab instead, shall we?

30 doodle monsters | Kawaii doodle character for inspiration by PicCandle.
If you can’t see the embedded video above click here.

Tips: If you can’t keep up, just press pause and doodle at your own pace. I had to pause and back up a couple of times to get all the details in… You can draw your favorite monsters a couple of time to practice, or keep going with all of them.

Here are my doodled monsters on a page in my sketchbook! I especially love the jelly fish and/or octopus monsters, they are so cute!

I couldn’t fit all of the monsters into one page in my sketchbook, so a few of them are on the end page and those I colored in with Pitt Brush Pens and other random markers I have. I love to color in my own doodles!

More inspiration ahead: If you want to keep doodling, there is a lot more to discover from PicCandle on YouTube. There’s a playlist of 30 things to doodle with more videos to chose from, you can learn how to draw patterns, different style of mouths or body shapes and more. Lots to learn!

PicCandle aka Zainab also has a series of books to check out, if video is not your thing, or you want to learn some more of the cute characters and bring them with you as you learn to copy them (or develope them into your own characters perhaps). Check out Kawaii Doodle World, Kawaii Doodle Cuties, Kawaii Doodle Class and even cuter Mini Kawaii Doodle Cuties where you can learn how to draw cute artwork from countries all over the world.

The current iHanna Sketchbook – now filled. See my review here.

Let me know if you like my monsters, and if you will doodle (or already have) along with the video? I’d love to see what you make or if you’re inspired in some other direction…

3 Responses

  1. Awe, these are so cute, Hanna! I love one of your themes in this post and the one big one that I took away was to … LEARN SOMETHING NEW! I don’t have the time to do that right at this time, but do hope to over this coming winter when I’ll have more time, for sure.

    Have an awesome day! 😀 😀

    • Thank you! I think we should always keep learning, be it about doodling, creativity or about other cultures and habits than our own – emerge yourself! :-)

  2. Thanks for this fun suggestion! Your Kawaii monsters turned out so Kawaii! I was finally able to sit down and try this today. Doodling is definitely not my strong suit. I would have to practice a lot more to feel comfortable and have fun doodling. As a dabbler, I haven’t tried much doodling. Maybe I’ll have to give it more of a chance in 2021. Perhaps as an iCAD or 100-Days project.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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