Painted circles ad infinitum

I have painted circles, because I love circles. Love them! Well, I do love polka dots, spheres, and most any roundish pattern I find (or make), as you might know.

And painted circles can be done in a couple of thousand different ways. There is no end to a circle, and I don’t imagine there is any end to the many ways you can vary them. Think about this simple pattern, how it could be varied ad infinitum (forevermore).

Painted circles or Painting in circles, a page in my altered art book or Book of Paint, by iHanna

You can vary this particular pattern in size and color combinations, right? Or you could make it neater, or even messier. You could fill a wall with circles, or a little post-it-note. Thinking about it makes me want to paint all day, every day. Painted circles ad infinitum.

And part of that thought, that idea, is to write about one image like this, and consider it. What does it mean, what does this say to me? Can I use this in some way? Was it a one way experience to paint this page in one of my altered books, or it something I could return to?

More than painted circles

In this particular altered book, that I call Book of Painting, I have been experimenting a lot with abstract painting. I love painting abstracts in so many ways, and each time I dive in I learn new stuff. New stuff about myself, new stuff about color combinations I enjoy, new stuff about art. I want to share it here, and will try to take more photos of these pages soon. I have been painting, but not photographing the pages much. My big camera has been resting a lot this year. Too much really.

Paint book spread

Most of the spreads in this altered book ( Book of Painting) is not even resembling a pattern (like circles). It is just paint on a page. Smeared, dotted, painted, scraped or printed. Experiments. But what is life, if not experiments?

Among all the abstract craziness going on inside this altered book, I’ve got a couple of painted circles though, and looking at this picture I know I want to paint more of these. How about you?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiments with us, Hanna! It’s always so interesting to see what you’re up to and get a glimpse into your art journals. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your art, as well!

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