I like a lot of different styles when it comes to interior decorating, and I always admire those that has all-white rooms in their houses. But as an artist, I could never pull that style of, no matter how much I try. At least I don’t think so…

Hello my new polka dot table

Maybe if I had a living room that was rarely used? But then again, each time I would enter with my polka dot socks and striped sweater it would be ruined (or complement?) and the pristine witness of the room gone… Then I would sit down on the couch and spread out my journal, my watercolor set and my embroidery… So why bother with trying something I can never be? I will have to keep admiring (and pinning) the white, clean home images and be who I am, which is colorful and messy.

With that messiness came an idea to cover up the white IKEA table so preserve it better, since I do a lot of mixed media and art by my table. An oilcloth is a fabric that is protected by a plastic surface that you can wipe away most paints if you’re quick, so that’s what I like to use.

I staple my oil cloth to the work table (Art Table) to make it stay in place, but also to just make it into a polka dot patterned table instead of one with just a simple table cloth on top of it. I also love the eclectic boho look, and polka dots makes me happy.

Polka dot oilcloth table + video

Unfortunately the pink oilcloth I stapled to my table a few years ago is now starting to look outdated (I guess I’m not that quick when it comes to wiping up the paint I spill) so it was time to change things up. I did something totally crazy (!) and picked more polka dots, but this time on baby blue oil cloth.

I think it turned out pretty nice this time too, and it goes well with the cart and the other table (everything goes well together in a small one room apartment, because it has too).

How to attach a polka dot oilcloth to your art table

Video tutorial time! I filmed myself removing the old oil cloth and stapling (oh gawd my hands!) the new one to the table, to show you how easy it is to remake a table like this. Let me know what you think.

Here’s the video:

Thanks for watching my dears!

Oilcloth Polka Dot Table for Art and Crafts

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PS: I embrace my messiness, so this oilcloth will not last for ever. But you know what, I look forward to picking out a new color in a few years. :-)