ICAD – Joining the Index Card A Day Challenge

I’m joining ICAD again this year, are you? I hope so, because I’d love to see what you make. Last year I filled 61 index cards with abstract art and learned a lot about what I like to paint.

ICAD stands for index-card-a-day, and I’m talking a bit about what it entails and showing my index cards from last year in the video below.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

ICAD is a free and easy-going art challenge where you can do anything you want on an index card. You will fill one index card each day for two months, or however many you want to fill for however long you want to keep going. The only real rule, as I understand it, is that you must create on index cards – that’s the whole point.

If you feel like joining us ICADians, just get a stack of index cards. We start June 1st and the challenge continues on til the last day of July. ICAD for me is sunshine, iced coffee, and easy-breezy fun creating. Summer time, come forward!

iHanna's ICAD from 2016

Tammy, who is the inventor and host of the challenge, is already in full swing, sending out her new weekly newsletter, the ICAD Gazette, and posting word prompts, warm-up ideas to get you started and even more inspiration in the Facebook group.

My ICAD video

I’ve been way too busy to get started, but looking forward to making a cover card / title card tomorrow. I also think I’ll try to write a bit on the back of each card, like a diary entry. I did that the first year and love reading those entries today. I’ve been traveling by train a lot, as you might have seen in my insta story, so that’s why the video is finished now, a bit late if you’re new to this concept.

I wanted to get this video about ICAD up last week, but filming, editing, and rendering video is crazy time consuming for me. Any tips on the art of making videos faster is greatly appreciated, and as usual, leave feedback on the video here (below in the comments) and/or on my YouTube channel (where you can subscribe, click the bell icon there to get notified when I upload my next video really soon). Here’s the video, click the youtube link if you don’t see it:

ICAD started in 2011, and back then it went on for three months, so I made a lot of index cards! This year is the seventh annual challenge. Because I joined in for that first year, I feel a bit like a pioneer when it comes to this challenge and it holds a special place in my heart.

I'm an ICAD guru

I love that it’s cheap vs. precious (cheap office supplies vs. art you put your heart into), a daily practice and a challenge that does not need to lead to anything more than a few moments of joy.

Easy, artsy just like a good summer challenge should be, right?

Index cards

I still love some of my index cards from that first year. Here’s one example:

Index Card 01

ICAD Inspirations from iHanna

ICAD - Index-Card-a-Day Creative Challenge 2017 blog post by iHanna, graphic by Tammy

How to join ICAD

You don’t have to do anything special to “join the challenge” but be sure to post your index cards with the official hashtag on instagram (#dyICAD2017), follow the ICAD pinterest board for inspiration and to check out Tammy’s excellent ICAD home base where you can read about different options like joining the FB-group etcetera. This video is also a guest post there called On the Index Card Wall, where you can read some really super sweet things Tammy has to say about me. *blushing with happiness*

I love this reminder and feel grateful for the indexy adventure we’re embarking upon. Let me know if you have questions below, or if you’re joining too? See you around, old and new ICADians!

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  1. Hanna – I love your abstract ICAD cards from last year, they’re so colorful and playful. I found out about the ICAD challenge a few years ago on your blog and decided to to join in the fun this year! I posted my first card yesterday and had a lot of fun. Today is a new day so #2 will be done later on today 😊 It’s all in an effort to incorporate art into my life every day and I plan on continuing after the ICAD challenge is done.

  2. Awesome! I’m so glad you joined the ICAD challenge. I love Tammy (from Daisy Yellow). I hope you’re having a great summer!

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