Wool Owl Parade

Recycled Sweater Owl #1

In the beginning of this year I talked about the firstborn owl, and now it’s autumn again and the rest of the gang feel safe to come out of the forest to show of their gray wool feathers…

They’re all made out of felted sweaters, knitted in thick gray wool once upon a time. Hand sewn softies are the best. Plus, I love how their personality shines through.

Two wool owl friends

I enjoy planning them, sewing them and becoming their mama as I sew on the beak, eyes and wings…

Wool Owl #2

Wool Owl #3 in da house

Wool Owl Sweethearts (#4 & #5)

Wool Owl #5

Wool Owl #4 from above

There are a lot of pretty owls in the world, sometimes I pin a new one to my pinterest owl board. There is also a lot of awesome softie makers that creates owls in different ways, people that inspire me and make me happy with their softies. I adore the creations of Ann Wood, Mimi Kirchner and Mary Stanley. Mimi Kirchner who is a professional doll maker sells her own wool owls, like the magnificent Snow Owl, on Etsy.

Four recycled sweater owls

I’ve listed all these owls in my own Etsy Shop if you need a handmade gift for a owl fan friend of yours. Take a look, or leave me a comment about anything that is on your mind.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. They’re all so cute! I think the one with the flower is my favorite too, because the colors are so cheerful against the gray – I like the contrast. Favorited on Etsy!

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