Binder Transformation

Ring Binder Transformation/Altering

I love finding office supplies at the thrift store! Sometimes I’ll find postcards or a pile of unused notecards, but not often. I love all kinds of vintage paper finds, but thrifting them doesn’t happen that often around here. Though sometimes I’ll score a few sturdy ring binders. And I love me some ring binders! Like this green cardboard one, with a cute label. I think it’s nice, but it could be even nicer with a bit of transformation… So I set to work to transform it into something a bit more “me”, though still green.

Vintage Ring Binder Mechanism

When I was looking at it, laying on my desk, I did remember that I had a roll of Sticky Plastic Wrapping Paper on hand. I bought it because it was cheap and pretty (with green leaves), but with no idea on what to do with it. Why not dress up this ring binder then?

Sticky Plastic Wrapping Paper

Using this sticky wrapping paper is kind of tricky, but if you go slow you will get a decent result. I managed to add it to the cover, turn it around the edges and smooth it all down without any air bubbles (almost).

The Finished Leaf Binder

I think it turned out pretty darn cute, or what say you?

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  1. Your binder turned out incredibly cute, Hanna! I love that you can find things at a thrift store and see such amazing potential in them. That’s quite the talent! I hope to one day hone my thrifting abilities so I, too, can see potential treasures instead of just walking past piles of “junk.” Love how happy your binder turned out! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thanks sweet one. I too think it can be hard to imagine what something will look like once transformed, but I try… You should know how often I buy stuff that has potential, take them home and then – they sit there with nothing happening to them at all for years. Sometimes the thinking is more fun than the doing!

  2. Wow, that really freshened it right up! Working with sticky paper like that is super-tricky…looks like you kept it from folding in on itself endlessly! :-) (Ask me why I speak with such admiration…ha!)

    • Andria, yes I know! It’s crazy how sticky it is, that sticky paper! :-) You’ve got to be veeeery calm when working with it. Breath in, breath out. Repeat.

  3. The binder turned out really beautiful! I love the fresh green (although I am more into autumn colors)!

    • Thanks for your comment Sabrina!
      I’m always a fan of spring green, but orange-red-yellow is a good combination too. It will come here (to Sweden) soon enough though, I’m sure. :-)

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