Mini Owl

One of my dear blog fans, Jenny, sent me a care package filled with lovely paper and craft stuff. You know the kind, where every time you look inside the envelope something cuter than before comes out?

I feel so happy to have received all this, to the point of almost being embarrassed. Am I worthy of all this love? But let’s forget the feeling for now, and take a look!

Overview of what Jenny sent me

I do not wish to make you jealous, but this is too good not to share with you guys. Because I know you are into this stuff too. I wanted to show you the pretty papers I got, the big owl stamp and the cutest tiny-tiny owl erasers…

Happy Paper Gift
Pretty papers and fabric cover

Jenny knows what I like. So she sent patterned papers, owls, Hello Kitty stuff and even a new black marker – I can’t imagine better gifts!

Small pieces of pretty paper
Painted papers by Jenny
Candy and Pencil

I even got her favorite candy. Everything smells lovely, because in one of the envelopes inside the big envelope I found a paper bag from a soap company. Yummy!

Decorated envelope

In the decorated purple envelope I found a recycled card that she bound into a mini booklet for me. Inside private messages, descriptions of the items she included, some washi tape to take out, hearts and that lovely quote about how Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. (Pablo Picasso) And isn’t that true.

Art Quote heart
Thank you Mini booklet-card from Jenny
Mini booklet-card

Such a wonderful gift, I am a bit speechless right now. Thank you Jenny for your enthusiasm, for your creativity, for this envelope of happiness. You made my week so much better. These are all things I really like and will use inside my notebooks, Art Journal and art collages. Thanks.

Thanks to all of you out there for reading, commenting, sharing and inspiring me every day.

All the best, your cyberspace friend and Creative Instigator

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