Life is a huge (always ongoing) creative project.

Depending on my mood, this iHanna-quote that I wrote as big as I could in my Art Journal, rings either positive or negative… What’s your take on the statement that life is a huge and always ongoing creative project?

Detail: Life is a huge creative project

Is it awesome to always have your hands full – or is it tragic to be in the middle of a never ending story of creative ideas? I don’t mean that life won’t end, I’m sure that will happen way too soon for most of us, I just mean that it’s always a desk to clean, a journal to fill, materials not used in way too long – stuff that is now giving you a bad conscience for not using them enough… Is the creative life easy-breezy and always fun? My answer: no, it’s complicated.

Detail: Sea gull 2

The creative life is wonderful in many ways, but I sometimes wish I could turn my brain to stand bye, and let the light blink blink blink in the darkness, without having to listen to the motor going all the time, then the fan, then the motor… or having to deal with the automatic output that distorts my living space over and over again. Maybe I’d be calmer if I had more space, or a way to close the door on what’s going on around me?

Detail: Sea gull 1

Well anyway, here is one of my journal spreads, inspired by this awesome sea gull illustration put there long before my recent visit to the ocean

Art journal spread: Life is a huge creative project

I hadn’t planned to rant today, but there you go. Thoughts pop up and become texts sometimes, and that is a good thing, especially considering my June goal.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this thing called creativity, so please share in the comments, and have a beautiful day!