Inspiring Quotes: I want a big giant life

Daily Art Card 2008-12-06

I want to share two inspiring quotes with you today.

First a quote from the NaNoWriMo conclusion letter that Chris Bate sent me, even though I didn’t participate this year:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from running NaNoWriMo, it’s this: Whatever you think you are, you are more than that. You possess a fearsome array of skills and abilities, and the most satisfying of these may be completely unknown to you now. Your curiosity is a dependable guide; follow it. Put yourself in unfamiliar places. Kindle passions. Savor the raw joy of making things, and then remake the best of those things until they take someone’s breath away. Wrestle bears.

Actually, skip the bear-wrestling.

But do keep trying big things, okay? Sometimes we can wait so long for a clear sign that it’s time to begin, that the opportunity sails right past us.

Life is so short. Adventures beckon. Let’s get packed and head out on a new one today.

I think it’s time.

I think this is such a great quote to contemplate now when a whole new year is nearing its end.

Daily Art Card 2008-12-01

It’s time to sit down and plan ahead. What will 2009 be for you? How do you wish your life to enfold? This is the time to do it.

And also before I got to bed, I want to share this this inspiring quote from a girl that has so much passion it is contagious. Suzi Blu says:

I just want to be something bigger, you know? Not that I want attention – I want everyone to be bigger. I want more than just hey when ya gonna get married hey why don’t you want a kid. I want a big giant life. I want to play. I want costumes and theater in my everyday.
If its not art and painting I am not interested and I’ll do whatever I can to avoid having to do what I don’t want to do. I’ve made it this far in my life and so far its worked out. Granted, I’ve lived with cardboard boxes as tables and hand me down clothes for a very. very. long time – but during all that time I spent painting so what was around me wasn’t important.

Daily Art Card 2008-12-05

Quote found in Chrysti’s interview with sweet Suzi Blu.

All images in this post are from my one year long project Daily Art Cards that is soon coming to an end. What will next year hold? I’m still pondering that, you should plan fun projects too!

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  1. Hi..found you in a google search..adding you to my blog if thats ok?
    Just started doing journals…passed the fear bit and experimenting with textured backgrounds at the mo life at a crossroads…loving the blog about journalling..thanx for sharing

  2. Oh I reacted to the same qoute and even printed the email, and SuziBlu, well you know I love her!
    Great qoutes and yes, I’ve started thinking about the new year, it’s getting closer!

  3. I’ve always said I don’t want my life to be small. But now I realize that’s the glass half-empty way of looking at things. Instead, I should say I want my life to be big, huge, giant, full to bursting with possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Good quote. I’ve been thinking along those lines myself lately. And about my projects for next year. And- I’ll be looking forward to following your blog in 2009,too!

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