A bit of plaster

A bit of plasterOh how I love silver glitter! Isn’t it great?

Glitter is a perfect material for any decoration purpose, especially in December when both Christmas and sparkly New Year is coming up! Though I think this sparkle love is just the beginning for me.

I haven’t nearly glittered enough in my life so far! I can’t even recall any glitter projects at all, so this might be my first big glitter thingie!? It’s a Christmas decoration wall hanging tree thing! Material needed: plaster, gesso, glitter, buttons, glue.

The cast form for this project is the plastic packing of three different paper punches that I got for Christmas last year!

Before the glitter
Those paper punches makes round corners and I have used them in my own handmade journals to add a bit of extra flair. It looks so professional, I love that. They are the only paper punches I ever need, except for the big round one that I also love!

Anyway, the plastic packing made me think of a Christmas tree and I have saved it for a whole year now…

A bit of plasterBefore I took out the plaster figure I thought I would paint the tree green and decorate it with red dots of paint, but as soon as I saw the gray plaster I wanted to make something a bit more shabby chic! So I gessoed it white and when the paint was dry I glittered away!

Sparkle sparkle little tree!

Plaster is a nice canvas to play on. I used decoupage glue to adhere the sparkly glitter flakes that I store in a spice jar and then also used something called “Effect Liner”. It’s a glitter glue that drew raised and has a wonderful holographic-kind-of sheen to it!

After all that glitter was dry I randomly glued on some mother of pearl buttons, and that was that. This is a Christmas Decoration Tree that actually is pretty. It’s shabby chic and an extremely cheap project to make! So don’t forget to look for packaging that you can use as your own cast forms!

Hilarious! I searched for glitter + quote and fount this fun blinking image;
iHanna says: it's not my fault that when I was a baby I was dropped in a box of glitter and I've been shining ever since
“It’s not my fault that when I was a baby I was dropped in a box of glitter and I’ve been shining ever since.”

PS: I took these photos and a few minutes later this project fell from the wall to the floor and broke into 3 ugly pieces. If you make a big plaster project, be sure to add the hanger cord before it dries! Please learn from my mistake here. I forgot the hanger and tried to glue one on, but that was (obviously) not strong enough! I am going to glitter up another one even though at first I wanted to give up on this project. But as I said, one can’t have to much glitter and my fingers (clothes, bed, room, glasses) is also glittered after this project.

Need. More. Glitter. Projects!