Two new brown SmArt Journals

I have a big love for browns and earthy tones. Brown paper! Gingerbread cookies! The color of my hair! Coffee with milk! Yum!

And let’s not forget the Brown Quilt that I made myself. I still adore it, and use it almost every day! Also, I own at least two dark brown skirts and one brown t-shirt.

Well, I really like this color.

Smart journal spread no 2

Though I never use brown when I paint acrylics. I don’t even think I have that on my palette… Color is funny like that. It can be lovely in one area but not so much in another. To me it’s lovely on fabric and in print, but I don’t want to paint with it and I don’t like dark wood furniture… But, I adore patterned paper in different brown hues!

The spread above is inside this pretty brown-ish Smart Journal that I made:

Smart journal no 2
Brown paper Smart Journal 2 now listed in my shop! Check it out.

Not all the pages inside this spiral bound art journal are dark brown of course. They’re simply related in one way or other to earth tones and nature. I think that makes a perfect starting point for adding in your own colors, writing and ideas! Here are a few of those pages, made from recycled envelopes and wall paper bits that I like!

Brown journal pages no1

Yummy right? I feel like a composer when I made notebooks and journals. I pick this and that, re-arrange and by that I get to pick what tone they’ll have. Of course this one is not finished. It needs some time with you, some real lovin’ and a bit more time.

Pocket stuffed full
Each journal has a bit of “extra” stuffed inside a pocket at the back!

I love making these patchwork covers! Here is the back of the second Smart Journal in brown that I’ve made:

Smart art journal backside no 1
Brown Smart Journal no 1, also for sale right now!

Feel free to check out iHanna’s Etsy Shop for more information and pretty brown pictures! What’s your feelings towards brown?

PS: still time to enter the giveaway, I will close comments once I pick a winner tomorrow.