I love working in a handbound or altered book for Art Journaling, it’s awesome for so many reasons. But also, I’ve found working on loose pages gives me something else. I even named it A Favorite Method of Art Journaling a while back. And it can be, even though I like to bind them together eventually to create the art journal thing. Because if not bound together all you have are loose papers floating around (everywhere on my desk and drawers) and I don’t like that. There is already enough piles of paper in my life.

I like order in my creative chaos! And oh, how I strive towards that.

Journal: Dalahäst & Girl Power
And of course something happens when to separately created pages come together. Something new is created, again. Almost like when you make a diptych, huh?

These are spreads from the first personal Smart journal I made, called Volume 1. I will show more from this and the following volume soon, but thought I’d start with a few of the pages I’ve already talked about. Click the links to read more about individual pages. Like the right page above, Pussy Girl, that totally reminded me of how much I love when girl power is peeking through in my art!

Some of you might recognize the pages, because I blogged them as “loose pages” a while back too. They are all about me of course, as most art journal pages tend to be; take your pills and I’m not strange. I talked a bit about the process of each page in those earlier post, and welcome any comments you have.

Journal: Love your Attitude
Love your attitude in combination with another self portrait.

I’ve bound the pages together myself, with my ring binder machine. I use a sturdy cardstock, covered in pretty papers patchwork style, to make it into a protected book. Don’t pin or re-blog these (or any of my images), thanks. These pages feel very raw and personal for some reason, but I still wanted to share them with you guys. If you want a spiral bound square journal of your own, check out smart journals for sale on Etsy!

I’m kind of in love with browsing through the pages of this journal.

Is that strange?