If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?
Albert Einstein

Smart Journal #2

With the brown paper cover this smarty art journal is mellow on the outside but awesome on the inside… At least I think so. I love the flower illustrations on the left. Love! And I love my pencil drawing made on white gesso painted on a pink scrapbook paper.

Smart Journal #1 Flower Map

Well, I love every single spread, mostly because it is so very simple. And also it’s because I’m allowing myself to just pick the papers I really like, and putting the others to the side!

Smart Journal #1 Einstein quote
Included this Einstein quote about messy desks, that I’ve had taped to my own desk for years.

Smart journal volume 2 is full of collage ideas and experiments. And a cut out doodled girl, first sketched in a phone book actually. And summer memories, like this boat ticket:

Smart Journal #1 Pretty Me

And memories of the Peace & Love festival:

Smart Journal #1 Peace & Love festival

I even printed my instagram photo of my festival nails and glued it in, which does not make it a scrapbook. A few photos not a scrapbook does make.

It’s an art journal with photos!

Smart Journal #2 H is for Hell Yes
H is for Hell Yes!

I don’t use my own photos that often, mostly because my printer is crappy and the ink so expensive. I wish for a laser printer one day.

Do you print photos for your art journal?