Page for color infusion

When time allows I am always cutting and pasting, especially in my diary, probably because it’s the notebook that most often is close to me. It’s sitting there, so I add in something I find in one of my folders of clippings. Something that is colorful, inspirational, beautiful or plain funny.

Page for writing

Sometimes I add an image that cover half a page and has a lot of white on top or to one side… In this way, when I want to journal, all I do is write on the lines (yes this diary has lines even though I mostly prefer unlined notebooks) and continue to write onto the image. Incorporating the images into my journaling, notebook & life. Claiming it. Making it mine.

Page for Inspiration

Sometimes I paste in interesting books, quotes or interesting articles in between pretty washi tape and doodles. In this way I save the interesting parts of each magazine – without keeping them. Recently I’ve also cut out meeting doodles I liked and glued those parts into my diary:

Page for saving office doodles
Doodles from a boring office meeting during WITL. Cut, paste, cut, paste…

Then I turn the page and write some more.

Do you keep a diary?