The Jardin Lime Art Journal

Pile of New Fabrics

Time to dive back into the pile of fabric that was the foundation for the Campervan bowling bag and the Owl tote (both x 2 because it was a collaboration with my mom, and we now have matching sets of bags and totes)! This is my last planned post about this particular pile of fabric from Terry’s, even though there are some fabric left I haven’t decided what I will use it for yet. Also I need to dive head first into making the member magazine for the Embroidery Guild this week. But first, a post about how this journal that I call Jardin Lime, was born! Only one version of this one of course.

Today there will be no sewing, even though we’re dealing with fabric. In bookbinding you can use a thick fabric as a book cover, something that I really enjoy. I started with real book cloth, but have since experimented with painted fabric and now, commercial prints that is a bit thicker than quilting cloth.

I have written before about this process if you want to take a look, but this is what it looked like this time:

Bookbinding the iHanna Way

I love both fabric and paper, but for book covers I always prefer the sturdy kind that will actually protect the book pages. That’s why I have never made a book cover in fabric exclusively. Instead I glue the fabric to thick cardstock, and fold in the edges. Love the look this technique gives me!

Folding a Corner

The most important step to make a pretty book cover is to take your time with the corners. Cut the fabric close to the cardstock, but not too close because you want to fold in a few millimeters to one side to actually cover it. These turned out pretty good!

The Jardin Lime Journal pages

Inside this Art Journal are pre-painted pages made from wallpaper, envelopes, reycycled papers and watercolor papers. My favorite mix when binding books!

Handmade Jardin Lime Art Journal

I’m calling this journal Jardin Lime because that’s the name of this fabric; Jardin Lime Curtain Fabric! You can get it from Terry’s Fabrics. It’s the same one we used to sew pockets from in the Campervan Bowling Bag!

Don’t you think my Art Journal turned out pretty darn cute?

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  1. Your art journal turned out beautifully! I love how bright and happy the cover fabric and the inside pages are! Makes me smile! Thanks for sharing your creation and have fun playing with your new journal!
    Big hugs!

  2. Oh I sooo love your projects!! This fabric is beautiful!! As we have moved last year and downsized…I am still going through many boxes from the past …..and with all your projects….like the 365 collages and the older index card project, I have gleaned lots of paper that I can’t throw away….I will be glad to someday get organized in my smaller art room to do …maybe the 365 day collage for myself!! I love how you did the week challenge, instead of daily…. with less pressure…etc….love how you describe your own process which helps us to think it through and see what works for us….but with your ideas it is inspiring to start SOMETHING! ANYTHING!!! Love your blog!!….and I am a Mom to a wonderful daughter like you and love hearing that you collaborate with your Mother….wish my daughter lived closer!!

  3. Wow! This turned out so beautifully!! I am always inspired by your many creative projects! They always make me smile!

  4. Underbar bok! Önskar att jag hade hela dagarna att spendera i pysselrummet. Skulle experimentera mycket mer då. Vill verkligen prova på det där med att göra böcker.
    Kram, Outi

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE…. this is so gorgeous, Hanna.
    Making a journal/book is somewhere on my very long list of things I’d love to do. I hope that one day I’m actually doing it ;)
    Trevlig helg!

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