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My Breakfast Saturday

After the Crayfish Party Friday I slept over at my parents, and woke up to a real Saturday breakfast on the veranda.

My cat Smilla lives with my parents, in their house with the freedom to go outside when ever she wants to. She is a happy cat, but of course I miss her a lot even though I can visit often.

Smilla's breakfast
Smilla is more spoiled than ever these days, and gets a slice of ham each morning.

Doodeling some after breakfast
Pink mandala
After breakfast I did a bit of doodeling in my Art Journal. Then mom called me to go inside and look at her drawers, decorated by the kids visiting yesterday:

Decorated drawer
Too funny!

Wool find
She also showed me her latest flea market find, yummy embroidery wool. We then got dressed and headed out to a outdoors Saturday flea market. Our favorite weekend past time.

Christmas feeling
Flea market

It was a huge flea market! Lots of people and things. Sunny weather and a nice afternoon looking through tables, bins and boxes. I didn’t bring my big camera to the flea market, but took some snaps with the phone.

Mom and Hedgehog

One of my favorite sightseeings was the vintage Christmas ornaments, and three very cool embroidery pictures for kids. The hedgehog is sooo cute, don’t you think?

Snack time
When we came back we were very tired. We had some snacks and drinks before dinner in the disappearing sun. Then it was time for me to head home to my own place. Another great day in the Week in the Life. I will wait until the weekend to post photos from the last day, because tomorrow I want to show some art journaling I’ve done previously.

Wishing you a great day!

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  1. How nice to spend the day with your mom, bet she loves when you visit. Such a lovely day you both had. Funny to see what the kids did, very creative !

    LOVE those mandalas!!!

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