Reasons to make a Travel Photo Book

I love making photo books, and travel photo books are extra fun to make because you’ve got a limited amount of photos you can include (though of course I take a gazillion photos when I travel)… Since my abroad traveling have been limited in the past years, I take pleasure in short trips in Scandinavia or just within my own country. And when I went to the island of Gotland last year I couldn’t help to be captured by the beautiful island and all the inspiration found there. So I made my first travel photo book!

Travel Photo Book // Swedish Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland by iHanna

Reasons to make a Travel Photo Book

  1. Lots of Photos.
    You take so many great photos while traveling, photos that will not fit into your regular memory keeping album/year
  2. Celebrate the Place.
    It’s probably a beautiful island/city/country that you’ve just visited. Of course you need a whole book to remember it by.
  3. Sharing with friends.
    We were a whole group of people at this trip and all of them bought a copy of the book I made, so now these memories are celebrated not only by me. I love that.
  4. Blow it up.
    Loved the big format of this book, and how each photo got so much space! With just a few photos on a page you really see the beauty of the place/event…

Hello Sheep - iHanna's Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland

I’ve named this Travel Photo Book Vyer från Gotland, Views of Gotland, because I thought it would be the first in a series of books of places I’ve been and seen, or perhaps places I will see in the future. Maybe Views of… is a promise of future travels.

Here’s an example of blowing up one photo to fill a whole page:

Heart of Stone - Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland

Just white limestones on the beach, some with marks of fossils or the ocean smoothing them down… but oh how I love their beauty. And this spread. Rocks at the ocean are so darn beautiful, you really want to pick them all and bring them home.

Here are a few more spreads from the book:

Pages from my Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland

Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland

Nature - Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland

Tintin - Blurb Book Vyer från Gotland

I shared a lot of my Gotland photos on the blog after I came home last year, but it’s also fun to have this book as a memory keeper in real life.

Have you made a photo books of your travels, or do you plan to make one “some day”?

Visit Blurb to check them out, if you’re interested in doing a photo book in a easy and fun way.

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