Train station

Still some mist lingering this Monday morning as I arrived to the train station, but once I was in Stockholm the sky was blue and clear. I stopped once again on my way to work to document one of my favorite sculptures of this town, the Dandelion fountain. I pass it everyday as I walk to work and I love how the light changes how it looks during the day.

Dandelion 1
Isn’t it beautiful?

Dandelion 2
Dandelion 3

Then some photos from work:

Coffee and milk
Time for coffee.

Free fruit.

Fika med finbesk
Afternoon visit.

iPhonography Monday
Photos from the iphone, some posted to instagram during the day.

Writing work

Self portrait 2013
Self portrait.

Evening light
Walking back, I stop again. Now the Dandelion looks totally different in the evening light.

A very good photo day, the start of Week in the Life! Let me know if you enjoy this post, and if I should post all the days this week, because there is a lot more photos that I’m happy about that I could share if you wanna see ’em! :-)

I hope you’re having a good week too!