Inspiration | To journal or not to journal

To journal or not to journal… what kind of question is that? Just do it, baby!

iHanna writing in her diary

Journaling is my best, and most long-lived, habit. Sometimes I do fill my journal with flower doodles, yes, but most of the time I write in it. And I also love reading advice on journaling, writing and how it can aid your life in different ways. Today I’m sharing a few writing-links, because I know many of you want to cultivate this habit too. Here we go!

Five Links that will inspire you to Write

  1. How To Face Your Fears and Write, No Matter What
    Inspiration with link love from iHanna (link list at “Writing each day isn’t easy. Yet if you just sit down in front of the post or essay you’re working on, you’ll win half the battle right then. (Sit down and click off Facebook, that is.)
    The other half of the fight is to keep writing until you reach (or exceed) your daily quota. As Anne Lamott notes in Bird by Bird, setting easy, doable quotas is invaluable for writers. Consistent practice is, perhaps, the most helpful tool for getting out of your own way.”
  2. Back to Journaling Basics
    In every discipline and art form, it’s important to practice the fundamentals in order to keep them sharp…
  3. 101 Reasons To Write a Journal
    There are many Reasons to Write a Journal! Click here to check it out Why Even Get Into Journaling?
  4. The Brain Dump – a place in your Filofax
    What is a “Brain Dump”,  you may ask?  No – it’s not a place where garbage goes to die, it is a space where dreams come to fruition.  This is an area of your planner that you should visit most often…
  5. Journal Power: How Strong is Your Faith
    How journaling can increase your Personal Power. When you keep a regular, pen-to-page journal writing practice, you’re likely to experience new personal strength, confidence, and success.

By the way, the image above of my avatar, is made with the app Bitstrip. Those images are almost the only thing that I share on my personal Facebook page, and I love them. She looks like me, and see – she enjoys journaling too!

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