Through the photos I took, I was able to see (litterally see) how really amazing and lucky and blessed I was.
Ali Edwards

Life artist book

Even though I don’t call myself a scrapbooker I am a huge fan of Ali Edwards. We share many similar values when it comes to the importance of documenting life, everyday photography and journaling. None of her books are available here (at all) or through amazon (as new), but I did find a secondhand copy of her third book Life Artist (Creating Keepsakes, 2007) and decided to take a chance and get it. And…

…I love this book! Some of the scrapbook layouts are a bit outdated and/or not my style, but for the most part this book inspires the heck out of me! It’s mostly in her writing, in the way she describes what life art is, how to find the time to document life, thinking about creativity and infusing all of this with your own style.

Reading Life artist
My secondhand copy has some folded corners, but that’s okay. I’m keeping this book!

Ali says “it’s okay” in what ever way you decide to tackle (the often overwhelmingly huge) task of documenting your life. Life art is to simply tell a story with words and photos. The book includes tips on how to learn how to pay attention and stay in the moment, capture the little things in life (and celebrate them), embrace imperfection (yay!) and find your own voice and tell your own story.

In the end of the book there are some project ideas, including my favorite the A week in the life-album and writing your own creative manifesto!

Each time I open this book it makes me wanna go through my photo folders, do a layout (my way = on the computer) and play with combining photos on a page! My goal this year is to finish at least two more of my personal year books, send my own Week in the Life-book to the printer – and keep up with the year book of 2013 while it continues. Wish me luck!

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