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Documenting a Week In The Life

Documenting a Week In The Life. Here’s some Photo Evidence of Spring. I was hoping for a great week starting today. A week of seeing friends, fun packages in the mail (finally ordered my dream bag), traveling some and even going to a museum. Now my back is still giving me problems so I’m not […]

Becoming addicted to PodCasts

Hey there! I’d never listen to one single podcast (and didn’t even know what they were about) until last week, and now I’m already crazy addicted! I did fall totally in love with Hearts Art Radio back when I found it, but it’s a homepage and the speakers on my laptop are not at all […]

New Scrapbook Papers

I got new scrapbook papers, wanna see? I love pretty papers, all of them. But sometimes I think that it’s the searching and finding them that is the most fun. If you keep your eyes open there are pretty papers everywhere, not just new scrapbook papers like these, but in everyday life. You can use […]