Kitschy Fabric Christmas Cards

Christmas Card

As I was looking through old photos I found this Christmas card I did a few years ago. Now I can’t remember who I sent it to, but I remember not liking it at all, probably because it doesn’t have any pink or glitter… :-) Today as I see it with new eyes I absolutely love it, though it doesn’t feel like me. I’m posting it because I thought it might inspire YOU!

I made Christmas Cards at a recycle workshop. We had access to old table cloths, doilies, holiday curtains and other discarded fabrics. Things we could cut freely from, and I did. I cut out a background fabric and a motive from a printed table cloth. Above a green Christmas tree (and below some cats). I didn’t sew anything, I just used my beloved glue stick to adhere everything to cardstock. And that’s it. Ta-daaa, a finished postcard!

Here are some other postcards made by me:

Julkort 2006
Rather fun, and very kitschy fabric Christmas cards. Have you started with the Christmas crafting yet? I haven’t but I’m hmm… thinking about it today. :-)


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