Watercolours blue
Blue water in jar

It’s already week 4 of 2012! I just noticed how quick the days roll by. I think I haven’t taken good care of those days. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know how, but I really want to make an effort to take care of time. Because before I could blink – those first days of 2012 were gone. I noticed how three weeks went by without any art being made, and how that made me feel inside. So, let’s see what we can do today?

First I pulled out blue and turquoise watercolours and made some strokes with a paint brush. Lots of water, like a tide of watercolours running over the paper. The rise and fall of paint is captivating. But you need time to notice. Take the time, I’m telling myself. When painting, just paint…

White pen writing
Once the water was dry, I used a white pen to write and doodle on top of everything. I kind of like it as it is. Random marks of a tide that went by to quickly.

A river pattern

I feel like a Beginner of Everything when it has been a few weeks between one art journal page and the next, between one collage and the next. It’s silly but so easy to fall out of practice. To not feel connected to your craft.

So. Don’t let time roll by, sit down soon and make some marks. Just a few, to get your juices flowing. You need it, if you’re anything like me. We all need creativity in our lives.