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Visual wish list I

I’ve put together a Visual Wish List on Pinterest, trying only to add things that I would really like to own. I notice that there is a lot of pink, as usual, but also quite a few bags. Not sure I need any more owls, but a USB memory stick that looks like an owl is just so cute! Of course, I am grown up. I will not get much from my wish list. I keep it mostly because I want to record what I am drawn to right now. It’s rather similar to the 2009 list. I didn’t get anything from that one, but I got myself some of the paints.

And I keep adding things to my wish-list at amazon:

There are a lot of cool books that I want to read next year! Suzi Blu has written a book for example, how cool is that? When it comes to novels I’m loving the library. Also, I’m giving away most books that I finish reading now. I have cravings, I make lists, then I try to lessen the burden of all the books I own. It’s a constant balance of good and evil… :-)

What’s on your wish wish list? Did you pin it yet?

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  1. Wishing you happy holidays Hanna — I hope lots of your wishes arrive from Santa!!

    I hadn’t realized Suzi Blu’s book was already out there, thanks for sharing, I must investigate!!

    xxx tj

    • Happy Holidays to you too TJ, and to your family as well. I bet it’s great to be “home” now at Christmas? Wishing you all good.

  2. I am a wish list addict. I wish everyone had one because it would a) make gift buying so much easier and b) I think it reveals quite a lot about people and their aspirations. I’m also a generous spirit and if I know someone has a wish list I occassionally surprise them with random gifts from it just to make them smile. Plus I always find I want things that people don’t want to buy me, like bundles of paper or a special pair of scissors- they’re not ‘normal’ gifts and people feel funny buying them for you unless you clearly say ‘buy me crap off my wish list’ and then they don’t feel so bad for getting you blue tack or a knife sharpener but youre happy because you get exactly what you really want and not another bottle of bubble bath. All hail wish lists.

    • Haha, thanks Lianne for joining me in loving wish lists! I wish more people were like us though, wishing for glue and papers – it’s easy to get and cheap. I think it’s easy to give great gifts when we really want anything (almost) from the art shops! :-) Merry Christmas!

  3. Haven’t Pinned yet ! So many cool things so little time !

    I am wishing you the sweetest of holiday times, Hanna, and many wonderful gifties !

    • The same to you and your family Kim! I think you need to be on pinterest, at least once a week to check all the good things coming up there. Take care and merry x-mas!

  4. Hanna, have a wonderful holiday and I really hope that you get all that you wish for,
    you are a giving person and I really thank you

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