Visual wish list I

I’ve put together a Visual Wish List on Pinterest, trying only to add things that I would really like to own. I notice that there is a lot of pink, as usual, but also quite a few bags. Not sure I need any more owls, but a USB memory stick that looks like an owl is just so cute! Of course, I am grown up. I will not get much from my wish list. I keep it mostly because I want to record what I am drawn to right now. It’s rather similar to the 2009 list. I didn’t get anything from that one, but I got myself some of the paints.

And I keep adding things to my wish-list at amazon:

There are a lot of cool books that I want to read next year! Suzi Blu has written a book for example, how cool is that? When it comes to novels I’m loving the library. Also, I’m giving away most books that I finish reading now. I have cravings, I make lists, then I try to lessen the burden of all the books I own. It’s a constant balance of good and evil… :-)

What’s on your wish wish list? Did you pin it yet?