Visual Wish List for Christmas 2009 (pink)

iHanna's Christmas Wish List 2009 (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

My wee cousin did a visual Wish List for Christmas this year. It drove her poor mom mad as there were no directions on where to buy anything, just “inspiration” in green. I was inspired to make my own, and of course mine is pink!

iHanna’s Wish List

On my wish list I’ve put lots of paints, as drawing and painting is something I want to do more and experiment with. I don’t know where to get all of these things, as I did image searches for things I want, like “a pink laptop”, but here are a few of the items;

  • Prismacolor Colored Pencils
  • Twinkling H2O watercolors
  • Golden Fluid Acrylics
  • Black gesso
  • White pens
  • Water resistant india ink in different colors
  • Sketchbook journal, design by Sabrina Ward Harrison – I just love everything from the Papaya Art Shop!
  • Collage Unleashed in Tuscany workshop in Italy next summer, still dreaming of going on one of these some day…

And now I’m not even mentioning all the books I want… How does your wish list look?

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11 Responses to Visual Wish List for Christmas 2009 (pink)

  1. Charlotta says:

    Hey, I’m not wee! Haha. Glad I inspired you, it’s usually the other way around.

    xxx/the “wee” cousin.

  2. Rhomany says:

    That exact same journal and postcard tin was on my Santa wishlist the other week too, as were Prismacolours. I caved in and bought the Prismacolours for myself though!

  3. Jeannine says:

    On the art front, I’d really like a set of the new Golden “open” acrylic paints. I’d *love* an artful trip to Tuscany (in my dreams!). I also admit to wanting a few tubes of lipstick from smashbox. ;)

    Prismacolor pencils are so nice – I even love the way they smell when freshly sharpened.

  4. iHanna says:

    Thanks for your comments!

    Rhomany, I think I probably will have to buy it all myself one day, I don’t know anyone who will give me these things, but I like making wish lists just the same. Later I look back at them and see if I ever got the things I so longed for and if it was as good as I thought! :-)

    Jeannine Oh, I’ve never tried the Prismacolor pencils but it’s what SuziBlu recommends in the class I’m taking with her. What are “open” acrylics? And do I need those too? ;-)

    Take care and happy December!

  5. makealife says:

    Hehe cute wish list picture.A few things that are on my wish list besides the books are:
    a box set of artists PITT pens brush
    a special mosturizor

    You get the pictur?!
    Merry christmas

  6. You might have seen mine on my blog- I need to get up to date with all of these awesome ways to spice up boring text only posts! Is there a site you go to in order to create the visual wish list?

  7. malin says:

    Bra ?nskelista – jag skulle inte tacka nej till n?gra av sakerna. Det ?r ingen st?rre mening att jag skriver ?nskelistor, jag f?r aldrig n?got p? dom ?nd? – jag k?per helt enkelt det jag helst vill ha. Eller byter till mig det. Men jag kan i alla fall hj?lpa en medm?nniska med k?pst?llen! En tjej hos Suzi rekommenderade f?r prismacolors, frakten var inte speciellt dyr (jag tror hon sa $5 ungef?r), s? det ?r d?r jag kommer att k?pa p?fyllning sen. Twinkling H20?s, Golden-produkter, och troligen svart gesso hittar du p? och runt Hornsgatan i Stockholm, jag har k?pt en del twinkling H20?s, dom ?r trevliga.
    Hoppas att du f?r en massa fr?n din lista!

  8. iHanna says:

    AlyPolyvore that you could check out for visual collages online! It looks like it’s mostly clothes, but I also think you can add your own images (download/upload them) there if you register!

  9. iHanna says:

    Jag l?r inte f? n?got fr?n min lista, men som Tomten s?ger, ?nska kostar ingenting… Det ?r mer som en p?minnelse till mig sj?lv ?ver vad jag vill ha/ska f?rs?ka skaffa n?gon dag n?r jag har mer pengar. I vilken butik hittar jag Twinkling och Golden? K?nns som ett bes?k i mellandagarna is comming on… :-) Din bokid? ?r underbar – s?g till om du vill ha hj?lp, jag b?rjar bli expert p? bokdesign, hehe. ?lskar det!

  10. Amy Ekins says:

    Hi iHanna, I’ve been a silent follower of your blog, but I have given you a Kreativ Blogger award, one of seven given to my favourite blogs.

    I’ve posted details of the award here, it’s a pass-it-on deal, I recieved an award, passed it on to you, and you pass it on to those you like :)

    Amy xx

  11. Chris says:

    I love my twinkling H2Os, and I’m almost out of them! I had to buy them for myself, since they were having a sale. I will probably have to go without for awhile, but they are definitely nice. The Prismacolors are good, but I like all kinds of colored pencils.

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