2011-07-18 index card
Index Card 18th of July. The monkey guy is a copy made from one of my diary drawings.

In my previous index card post I shared July 14-17. This posts starts with the above index card, from July 18th, and it will end with a index card from July 24 that has yummy paper weaving! I hope you like them.

2011-07-19 index card

Index Card 19th of July. You recognize the pink owl from this post?

2011-07-20 index card
Index Card July 20 2011. Bits of left over papers and ribbon.

2011-07-21 index card
Index Card July 21 2011. Dreaming about a happy home, kind of very related to what I wrote about yesterday.

2011-07-22 index card
Index Card July 22 2011. This is where the one of the doodled flower seen in that scanner post ended up, together with a moth and some paint.

2011-07-23 index card
Index Card July 23 2011. Unusually blue collage came together nicely, toped of with a magazine image of bird (finch).

2011-07-24 index card
Index Card July 24 2011. Paper weaving is fun! Rrrreally fun!