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Last post of Index Card Collages

I have made over 60 collages in two months. I love this kind of project, something that pushes me further. A daily project that shows me what I have time for when I push myself a bit. It doesn’t seem possible at first, and then you’re doing it anyway. In this pile only the June […]

Yet another yummy index card post

Index Card 18th of July. The monkey guy is a copy made from one of my diary drawings. In my previous index card post I shared July 14-17. This posts starts with the above index card, from July 18th, and it will end with a index card from July 24 that has yummy paper weaving! […]

Index cards piling up on me

I have not made an-index-card-a-day but I have made a card for each day so the pile is really big now! The June cards (above) are all scanned but the book I had planned to do with them is not. I actually think that the pile is too thick for a spiral binding! 30 index […]

Daisy Yellow Love

Thank you Tammy of Daisy Yellow for always inspiring me! Your inspiring blogging always makes want to create something, anything. You’ve even made me get a brayer of my own and several of your favorite pens! There is an index card party going on, and everyone is invited! I think I’m rather late to it. […]

Summer time Index Cards

The weather today has been lovely, and summer is showing up on my Index Cards too. They are filled with the lightness and smells of summer. I’ve just uploaded these (the cards from 11-18 of June) to my flickr photo album and wanted to share them in all their summer time feel. Which one do […]

Cathcing up on Index Cards

Index Card June 6th. Drew the Swedish flag with creamy oil pastel crayons, and added the date stamp and an image that I previously coloured with watercolours. It was Sweden’s National Day, and I was feeling it… Index Card June 7th. Collage, tape, and date stamp. Found rolls of green doted tape and pink doted […]

Summer Project: Index Card A Day

I like to infuse my summer with creativity, something messy that reminds me of how much I need creativity. It’s especially important when I’m working in an office during the day, to take time in the evening to make something. This summer I’ve started a daily project, because daily practice is the best. I wanted […]