il bloggo design in January 2006
My blog, back in January 2006!

I’ve already mentioned that since the database move there has been quite a lot of blogging behind the scene going on here. As I am tagging old posts and rearranging my categories I am also reading a few posts here and there…. It’s an interesting but slow work. I find ideas and words I had forgotten I had written down. Now I’m so happy I have all this memory keeping going on, it’s awesome looking back sometimes! I find myself agreeing with most of what I wrote – even looking five years back! And in the process I’ve found a few gems I thought I’d share with you today.


Buried blog post treasures

There are so many posts that I am really proud off – consider this just a quick taste of what resonates with me right now. I hope you like ’em too. Please add your thoughts to any of these posts if you find them helpful or interesting, new comments are always welcome and appreciated. The post from the screen dump above is called Planning a dream studio, if you want to check that one out too.

I’m posting these today as a response to Seth’s call for buried treasures. Check out more buried treasures at his blog The altered page!