link-love-icon250 If you read this blog you know I love something that’s called Link Love in the blog world. It’s when you as a blogger share links to someone or something other than your own content. Yes, you lead your readers away from your own stuff and into the arms of others, but you do it with love and the hope of them returning soon. You do it because it’s the linking to each other that keeps us together and enables us to find new inspiration! And you do this because you just can’t shut up about the link you just found. You need to share it. You need your friends to see it too!

This happens to me all the time. Sharing what I find makes me feel connected, almost like I’m in a blog conversation both with the blogs I’m linking to and the visitors I’m leading there. I been told many times that the things I find awesome others find awesome too. People seem to appreciate the things I highlight. I’ve done link love posts since I started blogging (lately called weekly inspiration), posting all that in a category I once named simply Inspiration or/and to my delicious bookmark page. I love sharing links to good tutorials, interesting articles, prompts, sketchbook posts, art journaling videos, inspiring flickr sets, TED-talks, newly found blogs and old favorites. How about you?

In the spirit of DaisyYellow’s Link Love Sharing I’m posting five must-see things today. Why don’t you share too?

Five must visit links

Thanks Tammy for reminding all of us of the beauty of sharing, inspiring and guiding others to great online content.

Wishing you a beautiful day!