Rolls of paper

I’ve been thinking about authenticity lately. Authenticity as in what is going on in my real life versus what I show on this blog (right now everything is a mess). How truthful to what is really going on in your life is your blog? Sometimes as bloggers we pick the photos where our home looks tidy and beautiful in the sunlight, we avoid head-shots, bad-hair-days, and the mostly boring bits of our lives. Instead we highlight our arranged nooks and crannies, and show off the small parts of the whole, you know?

It’s easy to show your perfect creative and prolific moments when you get to pick and choose. We edit, everyone does. We must, because who has the time to tell the whole day to day story (if we wanted to tell it)? We don’t ever have to mention sleeping the whole weekend, crying over our journals, working on a post for hours and getting zero comments or feedback (or the wrong kind of feedback that we didn’t want) or feeling stressed about finding even more inspiration that we don’t have the time to deal with…

Rows of material

Is this self-deluding and a way of not being authentic with your readers and your self? Are you lying to your readers because you’re not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Personally I choose a long time ago, when I started to write this blog, to focus on the good parts of my life. I want to be upbeat, inspiring and positive in the way I talk about life, but as I’ve written about before, that does not mean it’s all bliss and joy in my life! Not at all! Personally I would say on the contrary! It just makes it easier for me to write, and it makes me happy to focus on happiness! Blogging my happy moments actually helps me re-focus on the happiness of creating a second time and how wonderful is that?!

I think that it is super important to focus on what makes you happy. How can we feel content and happy when we don’t even know what brings happiness?

Stacks of ephemera

But why is it so easy to feel that everybody else is perfect and has a perfect life? We create an image of others as super heroes/humans, we idolize them and see them as something to look up to! Maybe we need that too, we do need people to look up to and dreams to strive towards – but I think it would be much more helpful to try to be content with our own lives and what we’ve already got! I often feel I am not making enough, focusing on the wrong things and never ever making enough money or having enough energy for everything I need to do, etc. I look around in my life and I all I see is the mess.

Authentically messy, that is me!

Abundance of piles

I just want to say that if you want to be authentic and real you don’t have to share “everything” and all the dusty piles in your life, though you have to be aware of those piles too! Not just your own, but that everyone has them even those who don’t want to talk about them, photograph them or shine a light on them… I do not write this blog to shove my dust under the mat (or well, just temporarily on some days) but I don’t mind that you know that they are there. I want you to know that they’re there. Okay? My piles are full of tears, dirt, dust and cat hair!

Did you know that the word authenticity refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions? So my 7 years of blogging (writing, photographing, editing, sharing, and posting) speaks a bit about my devotion and the commitment I have? I like to think so. I write to inspire, I aim to be happier than yesterday and find new adventures for tomorrow, so that I’ve got something fun to share with you!