Creative Blogs new to me III

My work in progress desk

This is part III in the series where I’m emptying my google reader folder of “new to me blogs” and sorting them into other folders all the while wanting to share with you all my great and inspiring finds. Hopefully you too will find new favorites (although still have time to come visit me and leave sweet comments). This series will continue another time.

Creative Blogs full of Inspiration

  • Living Art at the speed of life – Pam Carriker is the art teacher of Strathmore’s first free class, and she does beautiful drawings in her art journal. It has been inspiring to watch her work in her journal for sure. Her new book is on my wish list!
  • Missouribend Studio – Patti inspires me in both her art and her writing, it seams to me that her blog is spreading a bit of magic into the universe…
  • Drop cloth – Rebecca is a new to me embroidery artist who has a new fan in me. She does such cool stuff, especially the stitch samplers (check them out in her etsy shop)
  • This chicken – Rebecca Horwood writes in brown notebooks that looks delish + collects owls just like me
  • Art House 577 – Roxie does a lot of cool stuff like hand made business cards and art journals that are filled with colour. Yum!
  • Joyful Ploys – Mary is my kind of girl; she does both stitching and awesome art!
  • Embroidery – Sarah Louisa Whittle has these great long stitch tutorials with stitches I’ve never hear of… I want to learn all of them! Someday. ;-)
  • Women, Art, Life – I like Tammy Vitale’s way of writing and “thinking” in her blog, sharing small and big in a nice mix.
  • Heather Smith Jones – I like her photography but most of all I want her new book Water Paper Paint on watercolours, it looks awesome!

Check them out, bookmark your favorites and give them some commenting love and say hi from me!

Are you inspired to do some creative work now? Then let’s! I’m turning the computer of and sitting down to do some work in my beloved art journal. Right now. Bye!

11 Responses

  1. Thanks Eden! I enjoy sharing my new finds with you all, there is room for everyone on the internet and I love that!

  2. These are great links; thank you! There are so many fantastic blogs out there and it’s always fun to see what someone else is reading. I really like the embroidery link!

  3. Thanks for the great links. The embroidery link is fantastic! Run don’t walk to get Heather’s book. I am new to paint and paper and her book is fantastic. It gently guides you through how to paint with watercolor. I love it. Have a great weekend and thanks for being such an inspiration yourself!

  4. Det er alltid interessant n?r du publiserer disse listene, Hanna. Noen av disse har jeg p? min Favorittliste, andre var nye! Takk for at du delte!

  5. Oh, Hanna, you always have so much inspiration here. Thanks for that. And I love how you are surrounded with color ! So great !
    I hope you are having a cozy creative day ! Cheers!

  6. glad you enjoyed the links and the inspiration these ladies provide! :-)

    Kim, thanks! Yes! I had a great day, did some embroidery and a new journal! Hope you have a great week too! Take care!

  7. Thanks for this list Hanna, I love it when you share new-to-you artists as they are usually new-to-me too!

  8. Hi Hanna! I just found your blog today, and have really enjoyed looking through your posts, as well as the links you have shared. So much inspiration! I have “dabbled” with an art journal in the past, but I am now making it a part of my daily life, and I really enjoy seeing how other artists and creative folks approach their practice. I look forward to visiting your site frequently!

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