Happy Birthday to my Camera

Happy Birthday treat for my DSLR camera, photo by iHanna
Today it was five years ago that I bought my Nikon d50 camera, wondering if I did the right thing spending that much money on one luxurious gadget… Now I know it was, no hesitation.

More and more people get a DSLR-camera because they are getting cheaper (more compact and lighter) but when I bought mine most people didn’t. I remember everyone was asking if it was digital of film, and why you couldn’t see the image before taking it on the screen. I was wondering if I really would bring it out on excursions since it was so big and heavy – but I did, and I still do. This camera has been with me on many walks, to coffee shops, to parties, exhibitions and on my travels. But most of all i take photos of my creations, photos that I adorn this blog with. Thank you dear camera for always being good to me (except that time when you broke and I had to get you fixed, but that wasn’t your fault)!

I bought it together with this extremely nice camera bag that looks like a backpack. It doesn’t fit into my bag but most of the time I carry the camera on my back or over the shoulder. It doesn’t always look correct but it distributes the weight evenly and I don’t notice it when I’m out hiking.

As you have seen I have put this camera to good use, almost daily. I document how I create, what I create, finished objects and the mess around me as well as daily family life and events.

I like to take photos of…

For next year I am planning to start a little retro experiment, looking back on some of my favorite themes to photograph. If you would like to join me I would love to see some of your favorite photos posted too. I am thinking about doing those posts during the weekend, coz not much is up in here in Blogland then anyway. Themes could be your children, family visits, blue skies or your cat. Smilla will be one of my themes for sure. I’ll let you know when this starts here on the blog of course.

What do you think? Wanna join me?

Photo bombing

PS: I just saw Kim’s post Five years in photos. Pummelvision is a new website by Jake Lodwick that creates a video of your life using photos from Facebook, Flickr or Tumblr. What a cool idea, a video showing all your photos from the past years! I will post my video from Pummelvision once it is ready!

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  1. Jag skulle kunna tänka mig att vara med – du har alltid så kreativa, inspirerande idéer :) Hälsn. Anneli från Kalmar

  2. Hej Anneli fr?n Kalmar, tack f?r den gulliga kommentaren i min blogg! Jag ser fram emot att starta tematiska blogginl?gg med mycket foton, det ?r ju s? kul att titta igenom gammal sk?pmat. :-)

    Paula, thanks! What fun to see your favorite photo themes once we get started!

  3. That sounds like such a fun idea. Don’t know if I’m in yet or not, have a bit on my plate in the new year, but will sure enjoy looking through your themes. I’m just about to get my first DSLR. I can’t wait.

  4. Hanna, I’m in. Love the idea of pulling together themed photos and exploring old photos looking for common threads (no pun intended)!

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