iHanna in Winter Snow

When I read Kim’s post Five years in photos I thought it was quite interesting as I just noticed my Nikon d50 camera had its fifth birthday (yesterday) and I have been looking through my photo folders several times lately.

Kim talks about Pummelvision, a new website by Jake Lodwick that creates a video of your life using photos from Facebook, Flickr or Tumblr. What a cool idea, a video showing all your photos from the past years!

Photos of the past

Here is mine:

Flick the Past from iHanna on Vimeo.

I was stunned when I watched this. I wish I could do a video for each folder, or set themes for them, that would be awesome. Today I am inspired by myself; by my own photos and my past creative adventures. What a treat.

A quick and intense flick through a few of the many thousands of photos I have stored on my flickr account (right now there are about 18,605 photos there!). The video is made using the awesome site Pummelvision! Lots of collages, cat photos and creativity going on in these photos. I think you can already spot some of my “themes” in this video!

Go make your own pummelfun at Pummelvision!

PS: Thank’s Gunnel for the Etsy Treasury mention – lots of great gift ideas!