View through a dirty window

tänkande ängel

Summer in full bloom, everywhere. There is abundance and I try to notice it and embrace it.

I take more photos in the summer. There are more looking closely at ordinary things happening. More little details of the whole. More documenting what surrounds me today, things that will be gone or changed or different tomorrow. More experimenting with the photos in the computer. More appreciating of life in general. More stillness, just sitting and breathing in and out of the nose, listening within. Lots more flowers. Lots more of it all.


Hästen min

min hand

under glas

bl? ärt

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  1. Love it, how did you do this? Did you use a computer program? I love to visit your site daily! Just makes my day!

  2. Thanks for commenting!
    Yes, the photos are put in a “dirty viewfinder frame” in Photoshop. Have a great day!

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