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Thankful thought no 2

Another thankful thought after the first one: I’m thankful that my grandmother is still a part of my life! She is 92 years old and was very ill last year. I went with her in the ambulance to the hospital when she broke her hip at home, and it was a stressful time. Now she […]

Thankful thought

It’s been the iciest winter I’ve ever experienced. I don’t mind the snow, the cold, not even the darkness so much – but when the streets are covered in ice it is really difficult to walk anywhere, especially for old folks. Some days it feels risky just to step outside. Plus, I miss my bike […]

View through a dirty window

Summer in full bloom, everywhere. There is abundance and I try to notice it and embrace it. I take more photos in the summer. There are more looking closely at ordinary things happening. More little details of the whole. More documenting what surrounds me today, things that will be gone or changed or different tomorrow. […]

The Giant Poppy

Greetings from a Giant Poppy. The latest addition to Dad’s garden is a Giant Poppy. He called me over when he had put it in the ground, to admire it with him. And I have to agree with him, it is magnificent and a real garden beauty. I think it just screams of natural magic […]

Being a top hat pick

I have my creative hat on… every day! See? Thanks to Michelle Ward I now have this very cool Top Hat: Yay! I just said “WHAT?” out loud when I read my comments after breakfast this morning! Michelle told me I’m a winner of this monthly challenge to do something new in your Art Journal. […]

Finding his own Creative Voice

On children and their gift of creativity: And they [the grownups] think that what they are talking about is our gift of a mudpie. But it is more than this. It is ourselves – the place in us that wants to just give, out of love. So when they scold or ignore or dispose of […]