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Get Started Ideas for Creative Play – using the Phone

Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time… Bill Gates When there is nothing going on we pick up our smart phone and check what’s happening somewhere else. Through … Continue reading

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How to Create a Digital Kaleidoscope Mandala

You can do all kinds of wonderful things in your computer as you all know. I found a simple and fun way to make a digital mandala from a photo, using the online photo editing program SumoPaint! It’s simple! Visit … Continue reading

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How to Use video to Document Life

It was such lovely weather this weekend that we did a short hike of 8 kilometers through the woods. I took quite a few photos with my pink compact camera (Ixus 115 HS). It also shoots HD video, something I … Continue reading

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Scanning some quick doodles to play with

I love to doodle, and draw little creatures that I just come up with or have seen somewhere, like these owls. They look so awfully tired, or bored. They were probably born during some meeting. They were drawn with a … Continue reading

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Thankful thought no 2

Another thankful thought after the first one: I’m thankful that my grandmother is still a part of my life! She is 92 years old and was very ill last year. I went with her in the ambulance to the hospital … Continue reading

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Thankful thought

It’s been the iciest winter I’ve ever experienced. I don’t mind the snow, the cold, not even the darkness so much – but when the streets are covered in ice it is really difficult to walk anywhere, especially for old … Continue reading

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View through a dirty window

Summer in full bloom, everywhere. There is abundance and I try to notice it and embrace it. I take more photos in the summer. There are more looking closely at ordinary things happening. More little details of the whole. More … Continue reading

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The Giant Poppy

Greetings from a Giant Poppy. The latest addition to Dad’s garden is a Giant Poppy. He called me over when he had put it in the ground, to admire it with him. And I have to agree with him, it … Continue reading

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Garden photos with texture

Early in May the magnolia buds was twirling… the violette Penses moved outside. Please follow and like:Related PostsMy Magic Mixed Media Bag The Simplest Things Week in the Life 2012: Friday Photos

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Soft and faded photography

Swirly and fun embroidery on the table cloth. Spring light in the window. Please follow and like:Related PostsSee where it takes you Planning to be Creative Next Year too My first Apron

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