365 Collages | Week 14 | Patchwork Garden Collages

Hello and welcome to my beautiful Patchwork Garden,
made out of paper and glue of course. Each patch is decorated to delight all the senses…

Garden Patchwork 1 - Collage no 97 of 365 collages in 2018 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #art
Garden Patchwork 1, a collage by iHanna a.k.a. Hanna Andersson, Sweden.

As per usual, I started out with not much of an idea, but then went to town with the flower images (cut out a long time ago from one of dad’s gardening magazines) I found in my stash. I made 7 more collages for my 365 Project, and I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!

Here we go…

Garden Patchwork 2 - Collage no 98
Garden Patchwork 2, a collage by iHanna

Bouquet Never picked - Collage no 96 of 365 collages in 2018 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #art
Bouquet Never picked, a collage by iHanna

Do not Pick Her up - Collage no 95 of 365 collages in 2018 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #art
Do not Pick Her up, a collage by iHanna

Patching it together - Collage no 94 of 365 collages in 2018 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #art
Patching it together, a collage by iHanna

The World is my Garden - Collage no 93 of 365 collages in 2018 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #art
The World is my Garden, a collage by iHanna

My Garden is my haven - Collage no 92 of 365 collages in 2018 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #art
My Garden is my haven, a collage by iHanna

That’s my seven new collages, nr 92 to 98 of 365.

Please tell me below in the comment section which of these seven collages you like best – and why. I’d love to know what you like, or dislike, about these.

If you like my collages, please feel free to pin this image to your Pinterest board:
365 collages in 2018 by iHanna aka Hanna Andersson, Sweden - week 14 #365somethings2018 #art

Thanks for being here, and reading my blog and leaving me a comment below. I appreciate that a lot. :-)

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Bonus: Feel free to leave me a comment on a previous week 14 of collages, from back when I did a 365 project in 2013, in case you don’t remember it or didn’t read my blog back then.

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PS: Day 3 of ICAD process video is up on YouTube if you want to watch my third index card come together, first one blogged here already.ICAD stands for index-card-a-day, and it’s a fun challenge hosted by Tammy if you want to check it out.

7 Responses

  1. I’m digging the pretty pinks, blues, and greens in “Do Not Pick Her Up” this week. But they’re all so interesting! Thanks for sharing with us! Keep up the great work!

  2. Ah..365 collages is a great idea! I’m so happy you stopped by my blog, and let me know about your project. I’ve added your blog to my reading list, so I can follow along.

    Doing art 365 days is a struggle, so don’t beat yourself up too much for falling behind. I’m sure you’ll catch up soon.

  3. I love “Garden patchwork #1” the best for the symmatrical stripes I guess, and the green beens… but they all are lovely! Hope your mood/days are as colourful as these collages!

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