You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.
    /Wayne Dyer

Sundown in winter mood

    Ever wondered what’s life for an introvert is? I know someone who is an introvert and I must say, that they are the most artistic and creative bunch, full of out of the box and unconventional ideas. But they can also be very misunderstood-you know, the shy, quiet, aloof and keeping to themselves type. If you meet an introvert, don’t judge them right away. An introverted personality oozes a certain mystery which some people find simply irresistible. Do you know that introverts could achieve so many things? Since they’re the creative type, they tend to be full of ideas.
    /Amy Tan (found in an article called The Mystery of the Introverts)

Learning about the word and personality trait “introvert” has been a important discovery in my life as it helps me understand myself. What introverted means to me personally is mostly that I as an introvert need time alone to restore energy. That’s it.

Extroverts thrive in big chatty company and becomes energized at family gatherings and by spending time with other people. For me as an introvert I love being at parties, with friends and family but afterwards I feel drained and tired and need my “alone time” to read books, watch a movie or be creative with papers to make a collage or knit something soft. To me this is a big difference, and knowing about where you find your energy really has helped me understand myself better. It explains to me why I rather skip a party even when I’ve longed to go, if the previous day I’ve been surrounded by people. I?m just too tired to interact with more people!

I don’t really like labels and categories when it comes to people, but sometimes they are a great help as they “explain” your own preferences to yourself and others. Maybe the most important thing here is to remember that its you that need the labels for yourself, and you shouldn’t be to hasty to label others to “better understand” friends and family. Let them be the judges of who they are or how they think about themselves?

Introverts are described not to enjoy being the center of attention, to shut down when being over stimulated or stressed-out, to have great long-term memory and not being found of surprises etc. Extroverts are very much the opposite here and they thrive on outside stimulations, can’t sit still for long and shots from the hip. I know a classic extrovert and I always smile when I read the traits of an extrovert – it’s so him! I’m not a classic introvert, but some of the traits are just SO extremely me that it feels comfortable adding this label to the description of my personality, even though sometimes people will misunderstand and tell me I’m not an introvert at all?

Sundown in winter mood

Introverted people are also more territorial, and this is a piece of information that explained a lot about me when I read it. I had no idea why I feel so protective about my private space, like my working desk, for example, or what is up on my computer screen. I love to share what I have created with people, but only when I decide to do it – not when prying eyes come to visit in my home or look over my shoulder! If someone uninvited would touch or browse through any of my personal notebooks I will cringe inside. This is because I, as an introvert, want to decide when, why and how I interact with people. I want to feel prepared. I hate surprise visits (especially if my home is a mess) for example. An extroverted person wouldn’t mind at all as he or she probably wouldn’t see the mess or the items – only the people visiting.

Sundown in winter mood

I’ve been thinking about this since I read all your comments on my blog post Are you proud enough that was about our (non-existing) blog bragging habits. I was overwhelmed with how many of you don?t talk about your blogging much at all. Introverts prefer quiet activities and are (maybe therefore?) very creative people.

Maybe we as introverts are drawn to blogging because it enables us to share our hobbies and creative adventures with like-minded without talking out loud about it? Without joining a group of noisy people we can sit at home and chose the what, when and why. Not to mention how creative blogging is when it comes to writing, DIY and photography etc. and how you actually must be alone to get any writing or photo editing done?

I?d love to hear your thoughts about creativity and how it relates to being introverted or extroverted – how does it work for you?

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