Mindfulness in the kitchen

Mindfulness or being mindful is being aware of your present moment. You are not judging, reflecting or thinking. You are simply observing the moment in which you find yourself. Moments are like a breath. Each breath is replaced by the next breath. You’re there with no other purpose than being awake and aware of that moment.

Finished food

PreparationEverything we do we can do with mindfulness, according to the Buddhist thinking. Mindfulness for me is to enjoy the moment right now, to not worry about stuff while cooking for example. Just to enjoy the colour of a sparky yellow lemon and the smell of fresh basil in the kitchen. Oh, what joy!

I don’t cook very often, and when I’m in the kitchen I often just make a simple salad. But this week I got a new cook book, called Det vegetariska köket in Swedish (written by Lotta Brinck), and it’s about good green food from all over the world. I felt inspiration sipping into my veins and just picked the first recipe in the book and made it. It can really be great to cook something new!

Finished product was a soup with spinach and green peas, seasoned with garlic, onion, paprika and squeezed lemon. And it was really great taste.

I was impressed by my self, and so was my boyfriend. I’m going to keep this book by my bed for a while, and try to pick one new recipe each week…

This is the beginning of something good! Mmmm….

Did you know that most Buddhist monks are vegetarians? And that most people eat more meat than is really good for our bodies? Wanna try something green this weekend go to vegweb.com for inspiration!

Research shows that eating red meat more than five times a week increases your chance of broken bones, as too much animal protein in your diet leaches calcium from your bones! [info from eat less meat]

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  1. Good for you on the healthy recipe experimentation! I am also mucho inspired by that fabulous tablecloth– nice table setting :)

  2. Do you know the source for the first quote in your post? I really like that…

    Kudos to you for healthy cooking and eating… and healthy thinking as well!! I feel so much better about myself when I eat healthy, don’t you? What an inspiring meal!

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