I do not like the colour of my kitchen, it’s orange. I do not like the border of apples and pears that is crossing right over the wall paper on the middle of the wall. But since I live there and see it everyday (and can’t afford to redecorate!), I try to do the best of it. So last winter I asked my not-father-in-law if he could frame some pictures for my birthday, and he did (he owns a gallery and does this very well)!

He used three photos we took in Cambodia and Thailand in 2003, and framed them in a triptych, like this:

Kitchen wall
Three of a kind!

♥ I love how it came out, and that is our art on our wall! And no, I don’t know what the green thing in the bottles are. I guess some kind of juice? It was sold on the streets in a little moped wagon, and we were just passing by and jumped of and took a snap shot. I love the green color of this photo. ♥ I love green! The second picture is a violet little pile of eggplants in a market – and the third is a close up of growing coffee beans.

Above the triptych is a shelf of kitchen stuff, like my pink kitchen scales (♥), a flower pot with lefts that looks like hearts and some of my many glass jars (these contains cereals for breakfast and pasta). I love too be able to look at food even when I’m not cooking.

This post is part of Studio Friday: three of a kind, actually a triptych in my kitchen.