Deep Blue makes me think of…

Deep blue makes me think of my mother! It’s just her color.

Sign of Blue (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
This Art Journal spread is about my mom and her colors, patterns and symbols.

Here is a mosaic I just did with mom-photos, just to prove it;

Mom is BLUE blue blue (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

See? She really really loves blue, and always has. The deep blue color is for ever intertwined in my mind with thoughts of my mother. Blue and white china will always make me think of her. As well as the smell of coffee, handmade quilts, child care and yes the cows and teddy bear stuff that she collects.

When you start to think about it, most people we know will have these “signs”, things that remind us of them even when they are not here. It could be a smell, a sound, items we stumble upon, or even events or special colors. I think in colors when I think about people, but not all my friends are as easy to categories as my mother and me…

And you know what color I am, right?

Pink is my color (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
Yes, pink is my color, as you may have noticed in previous post.

I never did a black background in my art journal before the GPP crusade, now I have made several and I keep going (and more to come). I can’t remember ever doing such a blue page either, but now crusade #35 (November and December) is called What’s your sign?. It inspired the spread above – and I’m once more color challenged… I love doing new stuff, trying out new colors on the page!

* Get you into your Art Journals – great advice from Daisy Yellow as always. I’m going to use her advice and carv my own stamp to make “patterns” with. Yes I am!

Oh, I’ve gotten the Kreativ Blogger Award from Amy, thanks girl!

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  1. Hanna – fabulous! Love that you showed us the *evidence* of your mom loving blue with those photos. The pages are terrific, and it sounds like you had fun working in a color theme. Color is a great sign to have for someone. It means they can be in your thoughts alot too. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous blues!! I love that you have a color associated with your mom! As much as I love color, (and boy do I lOVE it), I don’t think of people in a color…which is a cool concept. I don’t know if I have a color…hmmm. Making your own rubber stamps is FUN…as is making your own stencils.

  3. Thanks Michelle, haha there is *evidence* everywhere in my parents house that mom loves her blue. Even the coffee machine is blue, as well as her ipod, sofa etc.

    Dawn, thanks! :)
    No, not all people have a love-to-death-color. Some like plain black, others favorite vary. I’ve been pink since I was a little girl, it would be odd to change even though b/w are favorites in clothes right now. I’ve made both stencils and stamps before (in the crusades actually), love making stuff I can use over and over again!

  4. This is very creative and beautiful, Hanna! Blues and greens are definitely my colors too. (I think it’s because I’m a Taurus,an Earth sign in the zodiac! My birthday is May 18)
    Working in pinks would actually be the strange thing for me! I should try it sometime and see what happens, right?
    I agree pink is definitely your color though! Whenever I see pink and orange I think of you.

    I think it’s incredibly sweet to have so many wonderful ways to think of your mother. I bet she has a long list of things that remind her of you, too! =c)

  5. Hi Hanna…I have been hung up on blue lately, it seems :) I noticed that you are taking Mary Ann’s class too. It’s almost here! I’m wondering if I have enough paper after seeing your massive stash!

  6. Thanks for your comments girls!

    Mary, I’m not taking Mary Ann’s class, coz’ I can’t afford to right now, but I’ve been very inspired by her images and blog. I think you will love her class, and if you don’t have enough papers you can always collect more as you go along. Save all envelopes you get in the mail, save wrapping paper, magazines, postcards and everything that you think looks nice. I’ve been collecting for years, but I love using it up too… :-) Take care!

  7. Oh…I misread then…yeah, I’m collecting everything…even little tea tags…You have some great links on your site…thanks for the tips!

  8. WOW pretty page hanna!!!I love seeing your pages as they are always so inspiring.I have noticed that you work in an old book.How do you prep the pages?Or do you just get started?Does all paint work on iT? Id love you to share some tips on how you do them as id love to try!!!
    Merry chrismas(okay its a bit early but its the thought that counts)
    Makealife xx

  9. Hanna, I can’t think whether I have one or two specific colors, but my mama loved green. And I am inspired to make a journal spread for her, now.

  10. Hello Hanna,

    my mom is a blue person too :)
    Nice page you made and I love the photos of the blue evidence.

    I’m into purples/pinks, but I’m also a blue person ( not the navy blue, but the aqua / turquoise,…) These all combine perfect with pink!

    greetings from belgium

  11. Instead of a favorite color, I have an array of colors I love and use them often, as evidenced by the state of my paints. Magenta, turquoise, orange, copper, indigo… I love your monochromatic pages, and find it intriguing to think of people in terms of color! Happiest of New Years, Hanna, cheers! ~ Tammy

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