Deep blue makes me think of my mother! It’s just her color.

Sign of Blue (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
This Art Journal spread is about my mom and her colors, patterns and symbols.

Here is a mosaic I just did with mom-photos, just to prove it;

Mom is BLUE blue blue (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

See? She really really loves blue, and always has. The deep blue color is for ever intertwined in my mind with thoughts of my mother. Blue and white china will always make me think of her. As well as the smell of coffee, handmade quilts, child care and yes the cows and teddy bear stuff that she collects.

When you start to think about it, most people we know will have these “signs”, things that remind us of them even when they are not here. It could be a smell, a sound, items we stumble upon, or even events or special colors. I think in colors when I think about people, but not all my friends are as easy to categories as my mother and me…

And you know what color I am, right?

Pink is my color (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
Yes, pink is my color, as you may have noticed in previous post.

I never did a black background in my art journal before the GPP crusade, now I have made several and I keep going (and more to come). I can’t remember ever doing such a blue page either, but now crusade #35 (November and December) is called What’s your sign?. It inspired the spread above – and I’m once more color challenged… I love doing new stuff, trying out new colors on the page!

* Get you into your Art Journals – great advice from Daisy Yellow as always. I’m going to use her advice and carv my own stamp to make “patterns” with. Yes I am!

Oh, I’ve gotten the Kreativ Blogger Award from Amy, thanks girl!