Wallpapers could go on the wall, but nah… that’s not what I’m talking about here! There are many interesting things to create with ye’ ol’ wallpapers. For example, instead of using ugly envelopes I sometimes wrap things that I’m sending in the mail in wallpaper, like this:

Wallpaper Scrap Ideas for your Creative project... (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
Sending stuff is much more fun when you have flowery wallpapers and lacy deco tape! These went out last week.

Wallpapers are thick and durable, and often decorative. I have a neat little collection of wallpapers going, one of my favorites is this yellow tulip wallpaper, but in my collection I have nothing vintage or luxurious – yet. I would be thrilled to stumble upon pink roses or medallion patterns in flea market barn sometime. That’s my wallpaper dream. It’s pretty papers, right? In a roll you get plenty and it’s often ber cheap, or free. What I like to do with mine are, for example:

Wallpaper Ideas

  1. Fold pretty and very sturdy envelopes (see photo above)
  2. Cover up boring spiral notebooks to make them more personalized (see photo below)
  3. Use as drop cloth for painting, to protect your work surface when you’re working messy
  4. Using wallpaper as pages when I make new Art Journals (example here)
  5. Also, save all scraps, to use as collage papers inside the journal
  6. Make mini notebooks with wallpaper scraps
  7. Wrap tin cans for storing pens or paint brushes
  8. Make new art journals
  9. Glue down a pretty wallpaper as end papers when you make or alter a book
  10. Cut out your own gift tags from wallpaper, or make circles and sew a paper garland

What do you do with your stash of wallpapers if you have one?

And what about this wallpaper, ugly or cool?
Wallpaper cover (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
First I thought it was really ugly and boring, horrible color and boring plain pattern – but it’s growing on me…

I used it as a cover for this blue notebook and now I like it even more;
Wallpaper cover (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
This is a notebook I’m using for interview questions and article notes. All it needs now is a red label!

Today I’m listening to the podcast Kelly’s korner while editing photos in Photoshop. Kelly recorded a talk with SuziBlu and they talk about art combined with family, love and a lifelong passion for painting and creating art.

I’m also reading (again) back in Malin’s over flowingly creative blog noodles and tea. You simply must check it out if you want some inspiration for painting or art journaling! I love Malin’s fun invention to combine the styles of Teesha Moore and SuziBlu into what she calls Petit Zetti!

Oh, my brother just sent me this stop motion art movie that is quite impressive. I would love to make some stop motion some day. Wouldn’t it be cool for an art journal spread for example? to just see it move around and grow? Anyone tried this?