I caught The Teesha Bug – atchoo!

After watching (and posting about Teesha Moore’s Art Journal Collage Videos) I was inspired to create a spread in my own Art Journal. I had already painted the page black so that was the background I went with – it feels fitting to this season as darkness is ascending in Sweden.

Teesha Bug Pages (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

The body part figure-girls that I’ve struggled with in previous collages came together quite easy this time. My favorite is the right one with her striped socks and the skirt with flames, cut out from a image in a coffee add! She got a bird hat and the redhead got a daisy hat.

Did you catch the Teesha Bug too?

Because I’m not the only one who caught it, I’ve noticed. Many others seem to have caught on to it, and I’m not talking about the flu here. I think I will name it The Teesha Bug! Is it a decease or a contagious trend? Melissa, Kim and Paula are just a few of the ones I’ve encountered lately infected with The Teesha Bug. When I visited these ladies my own Teesha inspired Art Journal spread lay open on the floor waiting to dry so I could journal in it. Atchoo!

– Bless you!

This what the spread looks like finished, with journaling and doodles added:

Art Journal inspired by Teesha (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
The text is written with a white Gelly Roll pen by Sakura.

Close up on girl with bird hat:
Green Bird hat girl (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
With a owl on her shoulder too, a sure iHanna sign as I still love owls very much.

And miss Daisy, with a blood red finch on her shoulder;
Redhead Daisy Girl (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
Who with her lovely red hair turned out to be a vampire. I guess I’ve been watching to much True Blood lately huh? The text says: Sugen på livet which I would translate “Feel peckish for life” but with the double meaning of “Sucking in life”… if you get my drift?

The pages were painted black with inspiration from The Street Team Crusade number 34 in October; Come over to the dark side which I’ve been really enjoying but not posted any pages from yet. I don’t think Teesha has uses black backgrounds, so that was a bit of a twist to her style. The bright colors of the border really came through with the black background.

And it’s already November (brr!). We’re moving on with #35; What’s your sign? – a crusade where we think of the symbols or signs that remind us of loved ones. Michelle’s story about her sign is so sweet, go read it and think about what signs you notice…

* More inspiration pages at Teesha Moore
* Join the Street Team Crusades this month

oh, and even more video inspiration recently found

* Diana Trout does a video on Image Transfer with Gel Medium!
* Kelly Rae Roberts did a video about playful wings and painting her style!
* Martha, who made a video of her 16-pages Teesha Inspired Journal already!

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  1. Du ?r s? duktig Hanna och g?r s? fina saker. Alltid sp?nnande att titta p? ditt skapande! Kram

  2. I caught it too! I already did one page “Teesha style” and last night I went to the art store to get the paper to make the journals she showed us how to make in the videos. I can’t wait to get started on that! Your pages are gorgeous and while they are done in the same style they are definitely unique! The thing I love about this technique is that you can be totally goofy with your images. They don’t have to make sense and they come out looking so cool!

  3. Some bugs are good for us (-: your collages are so colourful and quirky, have been watching the videos and they are wonderful.

  4. Hanna – I just worked my way through all of Teesha’s videos. How fun that she did that! I have seen her work in real life and it is even more amazing – she is fearless. Thank you for sharing the fever, and your own pages – especially with the Street Team as we visited the Dark Side :) Love the black backgrounds and all the details you have added by hand. Great to see you back blogging!

  5. WOW j?tte fina.
    Kikade in hennes videos sent ig?r och jag skall absolut testa ett par “Teesha”-sidor i min AJ.

    KRAM Jenny

  6. Thank you for the Teesha bug! :-) I actually think I should try that too, although I am not much of a journal artist… (I think the link that you refer after Diana Trout name is not the correct one…) Thank you again, I guess it is a first time I thank for the bug, and I am actually microbiologist :-)

  7. Thanks for your comments girls!

    Michelle – yes I would think that to about Teesha as she “slapped everything down” so fast and “without thinking too much” – fearless and fast! Love it. :-)

    Tack Jenny, ja jag har gjort sidor inspirerade av henne f?rut, men detta var lite extra kul efter att ha tittat p? hennes videos. Grattis till b?bisen f?resten! :-) Kram!

  8. Yeah, I caught that bug too! I think it was just what I needed to get back into art journaling.

    I have one question for you regarding journaling. When you write on a page like this, does your text have anything to do with the collage you made? I guess it’s something I’m struggling with. I feel like there should be a connection between the two but it doesn’t always work.

    Your pages are beautiful. I love the vibrant colours on the black backgorund.

  9. Sophie, thanks!
    I saw your collage in your blog and smiled that you’ve got the Teesha bug too. About what I wrote: The text on this spread (on the left page) is about where I found the inspiration (Teesha’s videos), how fun I had putting the girls together with their different body parts and how much I enjoyed making a page with black background, then I filed the rest with doodled dots (on the right).

    I usually don’t write this much on a page, and most of the time the paragraphs I write are not important and not related to the images at all. I just write what comes up in my head when I hold the pen ready to write… For soul searching and other kinds of writing I have my diary as you know. I think the trick is not to over-think it, just do it and see if you like how it looks – if not, glue another image on top of that! ;-)

  10. Absolutely caught the Teesha Bug! First of all, I couldn’t wait to get through all the videos before deciding I just *had* to know how she makes her booklets/journals. Then, since I don’t have (m)any art supplies, I went online and ordered a whole bunch (spending a lot… concentrating on the items Teesha recommended…etc…) I’m still waiting for most of them to come in the mail, and itching to get started.

    It’s wonderful seeing what other people get when they try out her technique, and your work (and blog) is some of the most inspiring material out there. So glad you’re back to blogging!

  11. Oh I love your pages. Doing them on the black pages was so inspired. What a great job. I watched the video’s today and loved them. There is so much richness in these pages too.


  12. I?ve also caught the Teesha bug, and there are worse flus you can have! I?ve never done any art journalling like this before – the Moleskine I bought for Suzi?s Goddess & Poet class is the first ever art journal for me. So it?s both so much fun, and rather difficult. A simple thing like doodling – how do you actually doodle? My mind runs completely blank, let?s just say there are plenty of dots and circles… And making the people, it?s difficult! Whimsifying them – that?s hard! And what do you write? But it?s still fun, and I?m pretty happy with what I?ve done so far, for the most of it. I enjoy the bright colours, so very unlike everything else I?ve ever done so far. Also, I?ve been looking for inspiring art blogs for a while, and now I?ve found so many of them – I guess I?ve been searching at the wrong places!
    Oh, and your pages – they are gorgeous! I?ve posted mine so far at my blog, they still need words, all but one.Oh, I can?t wait for more Teesha videos!

  13. Wow, these pages turned out amazing! What I’ve always loved about your journal pages is that they are so colorful. The black background definitely makes the color pop!

    My favorite part is especially the red-headed vampire, hehe. I’m red-headed and not particularly into vampires, but I am on the gothic side so I like a lot! =cD


  14. Oh finally a virus I’m happy to catch. How “sick” am I that I already have a journaling plan for the recovery from my upcoming tooth surgery… ?? xoxox tj

  15. tee hee, not only did I catch the bug, I passed it on to a group of teenaged journal artists I was working with. Thanks for the link,

  16. Oh, I’ve had the bug for a coule of years now! My one daughter does journaling like that, too now! And on Flickr there are so many more fans; a constant souce of inspiration.

  17. Yes I have to admit I have caught the Teesha bug too. That is when I got really serious about my art journaling. But it didn’t start with her, it actually started with Lisa Vollrath on her website >> Go make Something/Ten Two Studios. I love her videos! If you haven’t already Check her out!!

  18. Heehee – I caught the Teesha bug too!
    But I haven’t been brave enough to post any photos yet…
    I LURVE your blog!

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