Use Index Cards

Summer is here and it’s lovely. I’m just in right now to share this quick DIY idea with you guys: you can create a personalized and handmade postcard using an index card! June marks the beginning of our lovely ICAD-tradition as you know… ICAD as in One quick index card a day the entire summer of course, I know many of you are doing it. I did a whole two month of cards a few years back so I know how fun it is, and since I’ve been in mail art mood this came out of me in no time.

But now I’m out of vintage index cards, the pile I had was a flea market score… I was really close to buying a new pile this week at the book store, but I reminded myself of how much other things I have that I want to use/finish up/create already. I don’t have time for everything, so no index card summer for me. But this one was sent to a friend of mine, as a postcard:

Index Card Postcard created by @ihanna of #mailart #DIY #indexcard
Stickers, polka dot vellum, deco tape, paper lace, and a few other papers.

The backside is sewn on using the sewing machine threaded with awesome neon thread, which I love! I used it for all my DIY Postcards this spring, but so far I haven’t blogged about that pile, though the postcards I receive in the mail right now I’m sharing on my Facebook Page if you want to check them out. I got happy mail almost every day last week… Just sayin’.

Index Card backside

Printable postcard backs makes postcard making even easier, and they look rather spiffy don’t you think? You can find my printables here.

Index-Card-A-Day Challenge is created by Tammy and if you’re new to the idea you should read more about it on her blog.

Also, for more cut and paste inspiration, I created a video last year: Cut and Paste Index Card Collage – let me know what you think!