Teesha Moore is a well known Art Journal Guru in the internet world. Her collages are colorful, bright and personal. She recently made a whole series of videos showing her journaling style, and watching them is like taking a free online class! I’ve spent my day with them today;

Green Bird hat girl
I’ve posted this “playlist”, with all her videos after each other. I added all her videos inside one so you can view them “in the best order” (according to me). At youtube I always get confused as they don’t show up in the correct order there. Sit down with a cup of coffee, and maybe grab a notebook and jot down some ideas.

Teesha Moore has developed her own special journaling style which consists of a few different elements that she repeat with great success over and over again. You will recognize her style by her cool handwriting and a certain graphic design feel to them. There is the the one color watercolor background, a straight scrap border around the edges, a fun character in the middle, many black and white details – and then the finishing touch to her pages is made with pens, doodling and journaling all over the page!

Interesting was her use of pastels around the edges of her page. I’m also fascinated by how she puts together her collage “people”, those characters with pointy hats and googely eyes. I’ve tried to make my own collage people but I find it difficult to piece together different elements into a cohesive image. I guess it takes a lot of practice, and it’s the outlining and doodling that makes it come together.

You should absolutely subscribe to her at youtube (as well as my youtube channel iHannaNow) and also visit her blog Teesha’s Circus. And if you get inspired, why not journal a little every day this month and participate in Dawn’s NaNoJouMo!