When binding an Art Journal I use a lot of different papers. Like I said, I love to mix and match! For example I sometimes use pages from my altered books! You tear out pages to make room for collage and paint, but those pages can be recycled too!

This spread in my Kawaii Journal consists of papers folded in half from two different previous journals.

Art Journal Elk Page Before
This is the spread before I started working on it. I really like working on top of text pages, and those vintage illustrations… Mmm!

Art Journaling (DYMO label)

I opened the book and started working. The left page I totally covered in collage, writing and stickers. But the elk (or is it moose?) on the right I left as it is. I didn’t touch him, because I like this illustration a lot. The poor bison though, is gone. Here’s a peek into some collage details of this spread.

Art Journal Detail: Bird in Gold Frame corner

Some details from this spread, after some cut and paste:

Art Journal Detail: Cute Girl Sticker
Art Journal Detail: Gray Cat Stickers
Art Journal Detail: Monkey Thread Label

The whole spread again, after:

The Forest King Art Journal Spread Finished

Because the left side is so busy I will not even journal next to the illustration. I kind of like it like this, and I’m proud of myself for actually leaving a little bit of white on a page. That rarely happens around here! Now the only thing that is still recognizable on this spread is the King of the Forest, the elk:

Art Journal Detail: Fab Forest King Illustration

What do you think? Do you like the left or right page better?