Sparkling Self Love

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
Anne Frank

Self Love

This weekend I bought myself pink tulips. An act of self love, and something I want to do more often.

Fresh flowers on the table makes me happy.

As happy as fresh sheets on the bed. Or fresh episodes of my favorite TV-series.

Plastic Flower Formed Container

I need more happiness in my life! So I dove into a creative rainbow.

Ah, creativity is my quick fix.

I had pink Hello Kitty champagne with a friend. It sparkled, and tasted divine.

Like friendship.

Then we set the table, with paints.

Hello Paint Day

A full day of painting and mark making.

Painting with plastic bags, paint brushes, credit cards – and yes, my fingers.

I hope you did something special this weekend too, and if not – plan something for the next one! May I suggest neon pink paint with some Brute Rosé?

The sparkle is gone, but the memories remain.

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  1. My thoughts, or similar thoughts, were published on my blog…happiness, peace, quiet – still thoughts and memories are wonderful. Bless you!

  2. How wonderfull that you had a friend to share the sparkle with, that is so precious! I enjoyed a wonderful creative multi-tasking-day in my room yesterday…Have a great start in the new week – Irma

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