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I bought artist Jesse Reno’s book Truth will Measure a few weeks ago. And I love it! I don’t by art books very often, I think this is maybe the second time in my life that I’ve splurged on a book that hasn’t got any text at all, no articles or even art how-tos! It’s just big photos of his paintings, but each painting is extraordinary and very cool!

I totally blame Kelly Kilmer for posting several times about his art and the book on her blog! Kelly is so bad for posting yummy stuff all the time. Her post lured me into it all; I visited his homepage and publisher’s site and couldn’t stop gazing… Also, at the same time I saw a post about one of his art classes and everything looked so darn good! Not only his paintings but the art others did influenced by his style… My fox is pink inspired by Reno I was very inspired by this book and some of my Daily Art Cards is the proof of how much! A little pink fox is like nothing I’ve seen in Reno’s books but the art style is definitely inspired by Reno anyway!

I love that I bought his book because it’s not likely I’ll ever have the chance to take a class or see his art live! Anyway. What I love about the book is the colors pink, white and turquoise (my favorites) mixed together with the strange creatures of his mind. The strange creepy scary but still cute creatures fascinates me – they seams to come from a place beyond life! I love it!

Here are a few pages just to make you understand what I’m talking about:

From truth will measure

You should definitely check out his book Truth Will Measure and the coloring book for grown-ups that is called Outside the Lines that I also splurged on. I love it but I don’t know if I’ll ever want to paint in it… Yummy! It’s the kind of book, just like 1000 Artist Journal Pages that my art is in, that you want to own and look at over and over again. Each time you’ll discover something new in these pages!

From truth will measure

From truth will measure

From truth will measure

The titles of his works are often written with pencil on the paintings and they are very fun and/or edgy too; Ghost of the Past, Exceed Yourself and Continue to Push Regardless of Outcomes. :-)

Looking at his art makes me wish that
1) I lived in Portland, 2) I had a studio space, 3) I could do some bigger art work just to try it out! :-)

More Jesse Reno

* Truth Will Measure: The Art of Jesse Reno – get his book at Amazon!
* Outside the Lines – his coloring book is for grown-ups!

* Jesse Reno’s blog – lots of cool stuff there
* Reno’s Gallery homepage – he is cute, productive and wild. I ♥ that!

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  1. How inspiring to see those huge photos of his art. Wow!
    Hannah, I opened my ETSY store today, Thought I’d invite you to stop by if you have a minute… ;-)

  2. Incredible art Hanna. No wonder you had to buy it. So complex and imaginative. I could never produce something like that – my mind doesn’t stretch that far…lol. I had a look at his website and he has some amazing artwork. Thanks for bringing him to our notice.

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