It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.
Charles Darwin

The Crowabout Journal Cover by iHanna (altered book art journal) #artjournaling

This is my ongoing Art Journal, I call it Crow About Journal because it contains all pages I’ve made with Nancy Baumiller’s challenge Collage Play! Plus, the cover is the patchwork style that I did with mom this summer (you can learn how to do your own here). I made the Art Journal into patchwork too, but with a little bit more mixed media fun to it…

Crow about journal
The lady is “built” by Nancy herself and cut out from one of her collage sheets (made back in 2006!) by me. I love Nancy’s collage images, taken straight from her own journals. This lady with the pink glasses is beautiful and has the word imagination on her tummy. I’d love to make collage sheets and I have several ideas brewing right now…

Crowabout Journal

My Art Journal is an Altered Book, as usual.

Crow about journal

Before I did the cover it was green cloth with a portrait of Mr. Darwin engraved into the card stock. I wanted to keep that so I covered him with tape before I painted gesso all over the book cover. When I removed the tape there he was again, the father of evolution! He was a guy who really had something to crow about… I do too, as you might have noticed if you visit this blog from time to time…

Crowabout Journal
I actually added the henna painted hand and her scissor for Nancy’s lady to hold onto! How about this: altering an altered image on the cover of an altered book… But imagine a collaging Journal Lady without her scissors? Where would she be, what would she do?


The backside is just as pretty:
Crowabout Journal backside

Inspirational mixed media Links

I love art journaling, collage, mixed media – you name it. I don’t post about it all the time, but its my biggest passion and it’s growing all the time. Here are some links that you, if you’re like me, will love these!

* Joyously-wild-things pages by Elizabeth Bunsen

* A few new journal pages from Teesha Moore, and more and more and yes please Teesha give us even more! – amazing stuff!

I ♥ my dymo

* Building a character – a journal prompt to play with! That’s also where I found a link to The Label Maker (dymo style – great for collages and they know it!)!

* Inside The Kooky Covers – some of MaryAnn Moss’s journal pages.

* Canister labels in pdf to download and print from Patty van Dorin – it’s for sugar but I’ll use mine in my Art Journal! :-)

Inside this journal, one of many spreads:
Crow about journal

Last year I did this journal cover.