Nothing is miserable unless you think it so; and on the other hand, nothing brings happiness unless you are content with it.

Altered date stamp tutorial

Redesigned date stamp

1) buy that second hand date stamp when you spot it in the thrift store (mom got me this one!)
2) use your scissors and cut away the first rubber layer where the years are marked – that is if they are ancient – mine had printed 1980 to 1999 or something similar.
3) start using it, time to start stamping month and day on everything! ;-)

Daily Art Card 14 of July

A collage in my year-long project Daily Art Card 2008.

I’d like to present some more links to fun crafty and artsy tutorials today! Also check out part one and part two of the Sunday Fun! This is part three (III)!I hope you’ll like these links/tuts!

List of Craft Tutorials

Want to have a cool bookmark but don’t feel like making one? I have some Quote ones for sale!

Mixed media video inspiration

* Jesse Reno video – coolest artist dude ever! Love his art!
* Ric Freeman Zachary who wrote a book called Living the Creative Life that I’d love to read – in this video she is talking about creativity!!! [via my craftivity].

* And another male artist I found this week and ♥: Gustavo Aimar. Check out his amazing images and blog (in Spanish).