I feel excited. Nothing special has happened, nothing at all, but I feel it could. Soon, very soon.

It’s the small things in life that makes me giddy today. The expectation of greater changes (like a job, a town or a place to move to). Anyway, I try not to worry right now, but to smile about;

– Upcoming weekend in the country with a friend.
– Talking to a happy mom on the phone.
– Knitting again, a sweater if I continue, right now just a few rows.
– New blogs and sites to visit and be inspired by (see below for links).
– I’m thinking about starting a shop on etsy.com with some collages and paper…

On my table after a cat walk

– Sorting papers and magazine clippings like crazy. Gluing things into my 7th art journal (!) that I started last week. I got a comment on the post How to choose a journal (that I wrote in February 2005 – wow, how time flyes! has it really been that long since I started this adventure?) yesterday where Mahima (another new to me blog) asked if I have continued with art journaling after that…. And, yes I have! Indeed I did continue. I haven’t been without gesso since, and I love it! The mess, the papers, the collages I make, the free feeling of play on the pages… It’s what I want to share with you all!

My desk today

I’m excited about a new blog I found last night when surfing around late. It is called Love life, written by an artist of many talents, Kal Bartesky! I want her book, I want a site like hers (I love her artist statement too) and I want to do her challange 1 + 1 + 1 in my art journal! It’s about writing a letter to your self. I love to write letters like that. It’s so silly and fun! Expectation my friends! It’s all about expectation for the future!

I’ve gotten some e-mails lately about journaling (thank you!), so I’ve tried to collect some links to help some of you get started, or restarted, or inspired, or curious… Start writing or gluing or smearing colours. There are no rules, no boundaries. Just you and a blank page that you can fill with whatever you like!

   Let’s Play!

Corner of my messy home

After all that, don’t forget to silence the mind before going to bed. ;-)

Big hugs to all of you who read all the way to down here, and a kiss for those who comment! hehe. I dare you!

Do you know of a tutorial I need to check out, or an article on journaling? Please let me know.